3 Essential Designing Tips for Effective Outdoor Advertising

Let’s face it, designing an effective billboard advertisement can be a challenging and tedious task – and rightfully so – there are plenty of elements and critical decisions that go into the process. These top three design concepts will keep you on the right track:

1. Simplicitydigital billboard, outdoor advertising, ooh advertisement

Ironically, simplicity and attention-grabbing go hand-in-hand. The most effective billboards tend to deliver a clear message with little text. This is especially true for mobile billboards, as drivers and passersby, will NOT stop for long to decode or process your message. Following this idea, a minimal yet impactful text is proven to be effective. It is recommended that you use a maximum of three to five powerful adjectives (for instance, we at Movia Media, describe ourselves as, “Easy, Effective, Immediate. Impression Guaranteed.”). This, followed by a name or source of contact, and a call to action is a heavily tested recipe for success.

digital billboard, outdoor advertising, ooh advertisement

2. Imagery and Colour Choice
In terms of static and moving billboard advertising, vibrant colours with contrasting texts and images work the best. This makes sense, and you want your message to be easy to read. Furthermore, the font does not necessarily have to be large or bold, but it shouldn’t blend into the background or be hard to catch. Often, exciting and high-quality photos work well. To further brand awareness, place your logo in a visible location on the outdoor advertising options. 

digital billboard, outdoor advertising, ooh advertisement

3. Shock Value
Depending on the brand or product you are advertising, it is almost always a good idea to incorporate shock-value content. This can be achieved by utilising funny/catchy/easy to remember slogans, imagery, and eye-illusions. The possibilities are endless! Take your time and brain-storm! This ensures memorability that is beyond just the scope of your product or service. Aim to create associations in the viewer’s mind.

With this advice in mind, you are armed and ready! Happy advertising, friends.


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