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Want to advertise? Tired of static billboards not reaching enough people? Boom. Look no further, mobile billboards are the new wave in advertising. Alright, generic sales pitch aside, advertising on the go comes with a lot of advantages that aren’t possible through standard static billboards; digital or otherwise. Usually done using the sides of trucks, mobile advertising are seen by twice as many individuals when compared to their static billboard counterparts at an impressive 85%, reaching 90,000 to 150,000 impressions daily. Not to mention, they do it at a fraction of a price when directly compared to other mediums such as TV, newspapers, and radio. So it’s not a bad idea to get a bit of a better understanding of the world that is mobile truck advertising.

In this article, I will be going through a few of the best truck advertising companies to give you a better idea of how they do what they do, and why you should care.

Creative Advertising Vehicle Campaign

TSN Truck Advertising

With 140 campaigns launched, around 2000 trucks wrapped, and 16 million advertising miles driven, TSN is one of the biggest truck advertising companies in the world. Based out of 5 US locations, including, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and San Fransisco they pretty much have most of the advertising hotspots covered. On top of that, they have partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world, including but not limited to, Samsung, NBC, Corona, and Western Union. The biggest brands in the world have recognized the importance of advertising on the sides of trucks. And when these huge multi-billion dollar corporations have seen the advantage in different forms of advertising, you probably should too. They offer three types of truck advertising methods. All of which would be sure to give your business or campaign an edge. Full wraps, truck sides, and truck rears. All of which come with their individual advantages. Full wrap is seen as the best option as it offers you maximum visibility and directly compares to a standard billboard in terms of size. However, where the standard billboard falls short, in terms of it being fixed to one spot, with the ad being on a truck it becomes fully mobile. It will interact with consumers at an exponentially higher rate. Secondly, truck sides are used when only a portion of the truck is being utilized, still a great option for any advertising campaign. With this choice, almost every car and person you drive by will have some form of interaction with the ad. Finally, the rear of the truck. While this option gives you the least amount of surface area to advertise your business or campaign it gives your target view up to 48 seconds of exposure. The advantage of this type of advertising is that it remain in the viewers face until the truck has diverted onto a different route. In all cases, all of these methods are tried and true, and would give any company a boost in their advertising endeavours.
Truckside Advertising

 Truck Advertising Co.

This Toronto bases company are one of the biggest truck advertising companies in Canada. They use high-quality and environmentally friendly vinyl that would make any ad campaign pop while it’s cruising the streets. They use GPS data to be able to review 24/7 live reports on the truck’s location which you can track on your phone or computer. Already, you can see how this method has an advantage to standard billboards in terms of its technological advancement. This method of tracking just doesn’t work when it comes to standard billboards. On top of that, their drivers spend an average of 1.5 hours a day driving which, they indicate, allows for millions of impressions daily. They allow their clients to pick the routes the trucks take to insure they reach the desired demographic and have the largest impact as possible. Truck Advertising Co. is a great example of how the advertising world is slowly changing in our digital age. They have recognized that you must always be above the curve to stay successful. And in the world of advertising it seems more and more convincing that truck advertising is one of the ways to do just that.

Creative eye catching ad

Spark Video Trucks

Now, this company is a bit different. They focus on producing video ads on their trucks. Spark began all the way back in 2002 and were on of the first companies that focused on mobile advertising through trucks. They use LED screens to produce high resolution images and videos, even capable of showing live content. Which is truly a game changer. They too use a GPS based system that allows you to control which zones your ads play in. So through the GPS you can identify when one of the trucks has entered a pre-specified zone and you can remotely switch the ad being shown. For example, the ad could start playing in a different language based on the prominent languages spoken in specific neighbourhoods. This is a huge advantage when wanting to reach as many demographics as possible. It can not go understated how versatile these truck ads can be. Changing between the content, target areas, demographics and languages. As well as being able to track all this information and data through their GPS tracking system really makes this a 21st century advertising strategy. And doing it all without skipping a beat. On top of that, these video screens are always entertaining and attention grabbing so they are sure to interact with many individuals making all kinds of impressions.

A Spark Video Truck with a Live LED screen advertisement.

 Wild On Media

Now this Canadian based media company have a lot of different types of advertising vehicles, from taxi top ads to aerial advertising planes. However, one of their biggest and most successful is truck advertising. Wild on Media has partnered up with some of the biggest and most recognizable brands, including Uber, BMO, Bell, 20th Century Fox and Universal. These are huge brands who have seen the edge you can get through truck advertising. They describe their product as “movable media”, capable of being a versatile medium that is not restricted to one place or a specific weather condition. Their trucks can be on the streets 24/7; rain or shine. On top of that, they utilize the inside of their truck as well, which isn’t commonplace with truck ads. They’ve had campaigns in the past where they would serve food and samples to attract more traffic. This goes to show how interactive these truck ads can be. Actually being able to interact with an ad campaign will be sure to increase interaction with consumer and boost sales. As such, their trucks include a complete convection oven, 6,500W generator, freezer, fridge, and more. It can not go understated how flexible these trucks can be. They are capable of morphing themselves into an abundance of different ad strategies to fit the exact needs of any campaign. 

WildonMedia see through mobile truck ad

Bulldog Billboards

This award-wining company was established in 2006 on the complete purpose of providing out-of-home (OOH) advertising in all kinds of ways. They focus on three types of mobile advertising. Billboard transport trucks, glass walled display trucks, and LED advertising trucks. They state that mobile billboard advertising vehicles have a recall rate of, an astonishing, 97%. Meaning that 97% of the people who have interacted with any of their truck ads has had a positive interaction. On top of that, they state that they receive an average of 50,000 impressions a day. Moreover, They are able to reach the same number of individuals at a fraction of the price when compared to their media counterparts. They truly believe in the efficiency of mobile billboards and its capabilities to advertise a campaign in not only the most creative way possible but the most successful way, too. Especially when it is compared to their boring cousin static billboards, who sees less attention at a staggering 250%.

Their glass walled display trucks were produced after a whopping 275 campaigns to figure out exactly what worked well and not so well. After all that work, they were able to produce trucks with a 14’ and 18’ glass walled display all around the truck. In doing this, they were able to utilize the entirety of the truck allowing them to advertise a campaign to its fullest potential. Leaving their clients more than satisfied.

The final type of truck advertising that they do is through LED billboards. They have done these types of ads all across the states, including New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and many more. The great thing about these types of mobile truck ads is that you are able to advertise videos on them, too. Meaning that the type of media you want advertise during a campaign have little to no limits. Not to mention, that due to the LED screen, your ad is just as prominent in the night time. On top of that, you could easily change from a video ad to a static ad to fit a specified demographic or target area. This is just another way in which mobile truck billboards have a competitive advantage on their competitors.

Bulldog Billboard LED mobile billboard truck advertisement

BigRig Truck Wraps

This transport truck advertising company has been hitting the streets since 2013. And since then they have created a number of successful advertising campaigns for all types of businesses. The way that they do it is through partnering with dozens of freight companies and then connecting those companies with their clients who need to advertise their business or a specific campaign. The way they connect a client of theirs with a specific freight company is through figuring out what the best target area is for their clients to reach their intended target audience, and they do so all across North America. Their business is made up of a team of brand strategists who create truck advertising campaigns that: reinforces the brands image, drives traffic, and increases sales. They believe that they are capable of achieving all of this through mobile truck advertising. And how can you blame them when they’ve run successful campaigns for companies like GMC, Kia Motors, and YMCA. They state that OOH advertising performs in the top 3 of all media studied. As well as delivering a higher revenue return on investment (RROI) than any other media. And if that doesn’t fill you with excitement, they also state that OOH delivers 2/3 of TV’s RROI at 1/5 the budget. So it’s easy to see the many benefits of using mobile truck advertising. Moreover, 46% of individuals who have interacted with one of their ads would go on to search the company online. Which, if you ask me, is quite the return.

BigRig Truck Wraps Image of truck advertisement.

Movia Media

This Toronto based Truck advertising company will fulfill all your advertising needs. They have conducted studies to prove that your advertisement will reach up to 2 million impressions a month with just a single billboard. This is done through a proprietary tracking system that allows for real time analytics. They do this through wifi connection and are capable of tracking everyone that interacts with their ad as long a their wifi is turned on on their phone (which is practically everyone). Moreover, from the ones who have interacted with the ad, 76% showed intent to purchase while 75% believed that the ads were a unique way to market to commuters.  If you’re not sold yet, they also have “live fleet analytics” to be able to track each truck individually anywhere in North America daily. So if you’d like a great mobile truck campaign look no further than Movia Media, who will be sure to bring all your marketing needs right into the 21st century.

Movia Media Campaign for Ryerson University in Downtown Toronto

Are You Convinced Yet?

If you have learned anything during the last 5-10 minutes of reading this article is that truck advertising is a lot cooler than you thought. If we want to look a little deeper than that, we can easily see how truck advertising can help any company with their marketing and advertising needs. Through the use of their versatility and flexibility, truck advertising can ensure that you can take any campaign on the road with you to reach and interact with as many consumers as possible, at the very least it will reach a much larger audience than standard ads. So if you ask me, contact your local truck advertising company and take your marketing game to the next level. 

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