Best Locations for Truck Advertising

Truck advertising is a mobile advertising platform that has the ability to soar from place to place. While truck advertising is vaguely effective on roads, highways, and near community centers, it’s more specifically hyper-effective in other locations. Marketing and advertising strategies for truck advertising should encompass local opportunities in both an online and offline setting. This means that on-truck truck advertising should promote businesses that are more local and relevant to the area in which they are present in. Off-truck truck advertising, such as the ads that pop up on a likely consumer’s web browser through mobile retargeting, should also promote those same local messages. Aside from these local suggestions, areas in New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, Boston, and Toronto are prime locations for effective truck advertising campaigns because they’re tourist focused and very populous. Let’s take a look at some of the best geographical locations for truck advertising and reveal why they’re so aligned with this advertising medium.


Bay Street is a mobile billboard friendly area


In the Heart of Downtown Toronto

With over 2.7 million people in the downtown core, and over 6 million in the GTA, Toronto is the perfect place to execute a truckside advertising campaign. On busy streets like Yonge, Bay, Queen, King, Spadina, and more, a truck advertisement will most definitely be seen by many people both tourists and residents. Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the 4th largest in the continent, making it an already flourishing advertising hub. With already high levels of brand awareness in Toronto, a truck side advertising campaign can get noticed instantly. A truck ad placed outside locations like Yonge-Dundas Square, Old City Hall, Nathan Phillips Square, Trinity Bellwoods Park, Harbourfront Center, and more are frequented areas that see many different demographics of people daily. One of the main goals for truck side advertising reach is to meet the eyes of diverse individuals to gather the most impressions, and Toronto truly meets that goal.


West Cordova Street embraces the powers of truck ads


In the Heart of Beautiful Vancouver

Greater Vancouver sees approximately 2.5 million residents, and is the most populous city in British Columbia. Downtown Vancouver is the main city center and central business district that’s comprised of hardworking, career-oriented people. These people are perfect targets for truck ads because while on their way to or from work they can be in close proximity to messages radiating from the trucks. Streets like Granville, Main near Broadway, Marine Drive, Commercial Drive at East 2nd, Lower Lonsdale Avenue, and more are filled with tourists and locals passing by an abundance of ads already. West Cordova Street is a unique location in Vancouver that houses small and large businesses, industrial spaces, and galleries that are rich in history and prone to a wide selection of consumers. Truck advertising can easily make an impact in places such as these.


Manhattan appreciates a truckside ad


In the Heart of Vibrant New York City

New York City is easily one of the top places in the world to advertise in and around. Featured as the geographical backdrop in the show Mad Men, New York City is a culturally relevant place to build advertising campaigns around and feature existing ad campaigns in. With a staggering population of about 8.6 million people, New York is made up of 5 boroughs that deliver nonstop action to the people nesting in them. Areas like Broadway, Houston Street, Central Park, Maiden Lane, and lots more are all likely places for advertising campaigns to be seen at. Truck ads are able to fly through these locations at the start of an engine. The streets of Brooklyn are truck ad friendly and can attract a keen millennial population, while truck ads running around in Greenwich Village can be more targeted to creative folk. Knowing your audience and keeping it local is very important in New York City, as it’s made up of a wide range of age brackets and location-specific interests, incomes, and career paths.


Knowing your geographic location and target ahead of time will make for a sweet ad campaign


Choosing the best location for your truck advertising campaign can be difficult to map out, but successful once you find where the best heads are located. If you want to drive your campaign out locally as opposed to spread it out across regions, possibly due to a smaller budget, then remember to tap into spaces that are relevant to the campaign’s message or product line. Toronto, Vancouver, and New York City are just three places in North America that see an abundance of advertising and welcome new truck advertising to their marketing mixes. The best locations for truck advertising are the ones where your target is highlighted and easily seen.

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