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How Much Does it Cost to Put Up a Billboard?

From driving out in the rural areas of Canada to the bustling streets of downtown Toronto, billboards are inescapable mediums that catch our eyes everywhere we go. We can’t click them away or skip a massive billboard after 5 seconds of viewing. Something so big and captivating must be ridiculously expensive to put up right? […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on a Billboard?

We see them all the time, those giant 14’ H X 48’ W signs that are lit up in busy intersections and major highways. Telling us to buy that new shade of lipstick, or to remind us that McDonald’s uses 100% arabica beans in their coffee. Billboards are in your face and there’s nothing anyone […]

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How Much do Billboards Cost to Buy?

When you go out to eat there’s a menu online and in-store that contains every item served and their costs. When you look for a new car, automotive brands have a catalogue of their vehicles online & at dealerships. But where do you go to look for how much billboards cost? Determining the cost of […]

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How Much Does Billboard Advertising Cost in Vancouver?

Canada is home to an incredible number of picturesque environments, from the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, to the red sands of the Bay of Fundy. Canada hosts a plethora of locations that are known by many and attract thousands each day. These make perfect hotspots for billboards and have been used by companies for years […]

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Advertising Trends on the Rise in 2020

One of the most exciting fields in the contemporary world is advertising. As a result of technological advances and the rise of online shopping, the marketing sector has been subjected to a wide range of dynamic, culture-shifting changes that have directly impacted the way consumers think and act. If you work within the advertising sector […]

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Truck with energy drink advertisement on the side.

HaulerAds re-branding to Movia

A glimpse of HaulerAds                                                             HaulerAds started in 2015 by CEO and founder Casey Binkley who noticed an opportunity in the marketing world: trucks big enough to have ads on them that don’t have ads. Being determined to fill the gap in the market, Casey began utilizing delivery trucks and semi trailer trucks as mobile […]

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