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Billboard Advertising New York Most Impactful Billboards

New York City is the most active experiential marketing and outdoor billboard advertising city in the United States due to its population density, diversity, dynamic business industries (e.g. fashion, art, media, retail, tech, etc.) and the millions of consumers that take public transit daily.

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How to Choose an Effective Billboard Location

Billboards are a great way for an advertiser to connect with a given audience, if done right. Even if a billboard is well-designed, the campaign may fail. This can happen if they are not positioned well. For successful billboard advertising, you need to position them in the right location. Location plays a major role in determining the success of billboard advertising because it will make the billboard stand their ground and validity in a fast-paced environment. Billboards have, and will always be, a super effective form of outdoor advertising. Every business should have implemented knowledge on how to promote their business, for it’s one of the most important skills to acquire in order to have a steady consumer base. Over 35 billion dollars are spent on outdoor advertising each year and 62% of those ads are billboards. Let’s talk about where the best positioning is for billboards, where they will gain the most attention, and when clutter can occur. 

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How to Measure Outdoor Ads

There are numerous methods for measuring OOH media effectiveness, usually in relation to people viewing an OOH compared to people who have been impressionable to traditional media such as print, radio, and TV advertising. OOH metrics often include demographic and psychographic information to help advertisers determine who is being exposed to advertising, rather than how many people are being accounted for. OOH measurements are more concerned with the quality of eyes, rather than the quantity of heads. 

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How to Create a Success Billboard Advertising Campaign

Roadside billboards have been around for over a century. You see them everywhere. They’re on highways, side streets, and the sides of buildings just about everywhere in the country. There are so many factors to consider including how much information you should include, what style you should go for, fonts, images and even how to decide what target audience you’re trying to reach. But if you are going to invest your hard-earned money in a massive, high rise advertisement, you want to make sure it’ll be a success. How do you ensure your billboard is both eye-catching and effective?

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Changes in OOH Advertising in 2018

Projections for out-of-home (OOH) in 2018 are already coming out favourably. The digital transformation of outdoor advertising is enabling brands to run more personalized marketing campaigns to customers in the offline world. Increased technology, increased availability of analysis tools and an increased variety of media have provided advertisers with the greater precision and larger number of opportunities they need in the modern marketplace.

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How are billboards useful for advertisement?

Businesses often look to find new ways to advertise and promote their products and services. Effective advertising methods vary among different types of businesses and industries, so there’s not just one right way. Billboards aren’t still in use because of habit alone; they’re in use because they get results. 

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How much does renting a billboard cost?

Billboard ads and digital billboard ads are on most of the hours of a day and are available at a low cost. When it comes to advertising, billboards are one of the simplest options available. Once they are set up, they require minimal management and upkeep. A television commercial can take weeks or months to plan out, but a billboard can be created in just a few hours or days. For the best results, the billboard must be large, colorful and simple to read. Drivers may speed by the billboard at 70 miles per hour, so the words and pictures must be big enough to notice.

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Digital Billboard?

Digital and traditional advertising aren’t always the opposing forces many marketers make them out to be. Yes, there is a general sense of, “Out with the old, in with the new,” but sometimes, the two intertwine. This particularly happens in digital outdoor advertising. That might sound like a mouthful, but it’s an amazingly effective medium because it can be applied virtually anywhere with significant traffic (whether foot or vehicle). Let’s examine why digital billboards work and how much the cost would be to install one. It’s an investment, but it’s worth it. 


ooh advertising, digital billboard                         “Out with the old, in with the new,” but sometimes, the two intertwine particularly in digital outdoor advertising. Photo by LEDtronics.

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