Outdoor Advertising Campaigns that rocked the Internet

Every year thousands of ads are created and published, but only a few are memorable. Let’s look at a few ads from 2017 that rocked the internet and see how Truck Advertising could play a roll in making your next campaign a more successful.


gucci billboard ad 'when a girl doesn't notice your new watch', advertisement


Nowadays achieving virality status on the internet is a hard thing to do. Recognising this, Gucci turned to memes for their March campaign. This campaign took advantage of a very well known angry Arthur meme. In the meme, the cartoon character shows his frustration with a clenched fist.

Why is it viral? Well, it allows internet users to insert their frustrating situations in captions with the meme serving a comedic effect. Gucci is hoping to reach a younger generation more technology savvy, the millennials.

An effective static billboard like Gucci’s “when your girl doesn’t notice your new watch” is a perfect match for Moving Billboards as it appeals to a younger audience, tech-savvy and with an increasing purchasing power.

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