5 OOH Advertising Facts That Will SHOCK You

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Brands have used Out-of-home advertising for many years, but not many individuals might be aware of the full advantages that it can offer.

The medium itself has gathered large amounts of attention by brands and consumers alike. When used correctly, it can not only act as a driving brand awareness campaign, but it also breaks the shorter attention span of consumers – which is no easy feat.

OOH Advertising: 5 Interesting Facts

Below, we look at the top five interesting and facts about out-of-home advertising and see why it is such a beneficial form of advertising for many companies.

1. Out-of-Home Advertisements Promote Local Businesses

Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is a powerful local media.  According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 7 out of 10 OOH ads promote local businesses! Many local companies find that having local brand advertising in the form of out-of-home ads helps to drive brand awareness and loyalty among their community. 

2. It has one of the lowest CPMs of all marketing mediums

Compared to other marketing mediums, out-of-home advertising has one of the weakest CPMs! In basic terms, impressions are the number of times potential customers view your advertisement. Read more about CPMs here.

Several factors can contribute to the lower CPM

Extended exposure and reach: unlike mobile ads that have a chance to be skipped or ignored, OOH ads have better and longer exposure with the audience, a billboard seen on a highway or a city with high traffic will hold longer attention of the viewer.

Non-Intrusiveness: OOH ads do not interrupt the commuter’s daily activity, it is just an additional part of their day that they choose to observe, this leads to a more positive reception compared to some online ads.

3. Consumers spend 70% of their day away from home

Just think about all that time you pay out of the house: commuting from work, going shopping, strolling the city, picking up your kids from school – imagine if you could capture this market!

Many brands have now caught on to the fact that using a seamless omnichannel advertising strategy is the way forward. Although digital is still a huge buying medium for consumers, brands that use OOH advertising are still at a better advantage than those that don’t.

4. Consumers actually make shopping decisions while in the car

How much time have you spent stuck in traffic while commuting to work or on the weekends? It is estimated that the average driver spends up to 17,600 minutes driving each year. Due to this, we can imagine that many drivers will have noticed billboards and truck advertisement during that time.

Having your product displayed while consumers are on the road can have huge advantages for your company and will increase your brand’s top-of-mind awareness!

5. 97% of consumers who read mobile billboards recall what they read

According to Outdoor Advertising Magazine, 97% is the rate of recall for mobile billboard advertising. Modern day consumers are more likely to be able to remember an interesting or engaging out-of-home billboard than that of a social media ad.  Read more about the benefits of mobile billboard advertising here.

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