3 Reasons Why People Like Truck Advertising.

Imagine you’re riding a bus/car on a dull autumn day (admit, we have many of these in Toronto), you feel almost asleep, because of the pretty same surroundings and BINGO! Your brain finally caught long-awaited stimulus. Bright, vinyl, robust image is moving near you. THE TRUCK AD.

In a recent study, 98% of vehicle occupants and pedestrians said that vehicle graphics created a positive image for the company. 75% of people developed an impression about a company and its products. 29% responded they would base a buying decision on that feeling.

Looking at this stats, I started to wonder what makes Truck Advertising so appealing to us? Here is what I have discovered…

Truckside Advertising, Mobile Billboard, Moving Billboard

#1 “NICE & SLOW” You know why you are likely to remember this TAXMAN? You will notice this Truck Ad because it catches you in the course of your daily routine without much interruption. Unlike ads on TV or radio, Truck Advertising is seen as an organic part of the urban environment and nicely “fits” in our commuting routine.

#2 ENTERTAINMENT If you put some creative thoughts into a design of your Truck Wrap, there is a chance to entertain your consumer. The visual should be eye-catching, yet concise. Too much information can be confusing.

Want to offer even more engaging 5-D experience? Rent a truck. Food trucks, pop-up stores always attract attention ,and what is more critical they involve in action. When people taste and try on the samples, they naturally start a conversation about your brand.

Moving Billboard, Truckside Advertising, Mobile Billboard

#3 “VIRTUAL FLEET.” Many of us believe that the products we see on the Truckside Ads, actually delivered by these trucks. So, even if your company doesn’t have its fleet of delivery trucks, Advertising on Trucks will increase the perception of your market share. In psychology, it’s called, Proximity Law. When two objects are close to each other, we tend to observe them as one group. So, by featuring your Ad on a Truck, you will increase your brand awareness and its market share simultaneously. Pretty nice bonus, I must say!

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