Why Truck Advertising Works For Your Brand

Who’s brand? YOUR brand. That’s right, truck advertising is effective for almost every service. From aesthetician to doggy daycare, non-profit and hardware supplies, truck advertising delivers the messages you want to put in front of the right audiences. With its special quality of mobility, this form of advertising travels fast and has the best community reach. Whether you want to capture local audiences or national ones, truck side advertising is versatile enough to do both. Truck side advertising allows clients the freedom to choose their longevity and performance, as we’ll get into later. Truck advertising is for every brand.

In an outdoor atmosphere, advertising runs rampant. Billboards, posters, digital screens, and ambient executions can be seen in specific areas to target pedestrians going about their day. Out-of-home advertising is a channel that has been picking up momentum over the years. With the loss of consumer retention for ads featured on television or on print, there must be another channel to fill them in without having them look away. This is where OOH advertising steps in. Thankfully, truck advertising guarantees impressions from people. The messages are hard to miss, heavily exposed, and positioned in outdoor environments where many people pass through. In this way and many more, truck side advertising is very effective. Let’s explore what truck advertising has to offer for brands and draw some evidence that backs up the reasons in which this channel works.

Truck side advertising captures the eyes of targets

Defining Truck Advertising

In simple terms, truck advertising is concerned with taking a commercial truck or trailer, in the process of making deliveries, and replacing its existing messaging, or covering its blank white exterior, with a brand’s advertisement. Typically, truck advertising isn’t parked in one spot to deliver messages to people in a stagnant fashion. Truck advertising continuously drives down selected routes, travelling the brand’s messaging on a daily basis. This form of advertising is not nationally-specific; local brands can adopt trucks and create more locally targeted campaigns that adhere to their future clients.

Some many think truck advertising must cover the entire exterior of the truck, but there are options available for semi-coverage. Sometimes, depending on the campaign and brand messaging, only covering the sides and not the back doors work better to tell an effective brand story. Pedestrians and drivers can be amused by the truck ad’s side door power, and remember the narrative displayed. Truck advertising is a booming OOH solution for a brand’s marketing problems.

Covering the sides of the truck effectively works to tell a short story of the brand

Why Truck Advertising is Worth the Investment

Unlike other forms of advertising, truck advertising offers rates that don’t drag on over time and are able to be flexible to meet the time frame that the client has in mind for the campaign. Some ad agencies are hellbent on executing one year campaigns with high rates, but truck advertising allows clients to be in control of their own vision. Depending on the truck advertising company you partner with, rates will vary. However, many qualities remain the same across the board.

For one, large audiences will be captured more often than other advertising solutions. It’s said that around 40,000 to 60,000 impressions are generated from truck side advertising (depending on the geographic reach and locations hit). In this way, the ad dollars spent on the campaign won’t exceed the value. Vehicle wraps on trucks will be remembered and, sometimes, photographed by people which leads to high retention rates and superior brand interest. The value from the truck side ad is most prized, and the money dished out will look like petty cash compared to the impression rates.

According to research outlined by Identify Yourself, around 75% of people stated they hold a favorable opinion of brands and services they see featured on trucks. When this type of outdoor advertising is released into the environment, most people feel as though that business is more established and professional than other services who aren’t on the face of trucks. Another statistic lead by the American Trucking Association suggests that 91% of people in their vehicle notice truck side advertising. People noticing the ads are under the impression that the services posted are being delivered by means of the truck, so they’re already thinking other people are buying into the brand. This leads to heightened brand positivity.

Static billboard advertising requires a great number of restrictions such as placement rules, rates, and timing. Mobile billboards break away from those narrow opportunities. Having the freedom to move around is what makes truck advertising truly unique and effective. Ads that remain in one place lose appeal over time, but ads that frequent different places stay fresh. The primary consumers for truck side advertisements are commuters, as they share the roads with mobile billboards. These people should be the focus of the campaign’s messaging, and the main target.

Commuters should remain the focus of truck advertising

Unique Qualities of Truck Side Ads

Truck side ads operate in precise ways. They use an array of measurements to keep audiences and impressions in check, while fulfilling the expectations of clients. After looking at how truck advertising is worth the investment due to many characteristics and properties it has, let’s focus on distinctive qualities that make up the whole of this advertising channel.

Mobile billboards offer target marketing that differ from what other channels are doing in terms of earning the attention of consumers. Truck side ads can be placed in specific locations that already have something to do with the messaging on the trucks, such as an advertisement for a liquidation centre can be featured in an area nearby that company. Truck side ads are target marketed to people who serve the demographic and geographic guidelines of the campaign.

On top of target marketing, mobile billboards carry out time-specific campaigns that apply advertising at set times and dates on a detailed schedule. A flight schedule could be in handy when planning out the execution of the truck side ad. Tip: if choosing to display an LED digital mobile billboard, the time of day doesn’t necessarily need to be considered because the ad will be clear to see at any hour.

Time-specific campaigns are fleshed out on mobile billboards

Truck advertisements cover areas that other OOH executions won’t be found in. Because mobile billboards are a slightly unconventional way to advertise, you can effectively situate the advertising in areas that haven’t been touched by other advertising channels. A truck ad has the benefit of being noticed in an ordinary environment unbothered by other advertising.

Mobile billboards have the ability to create excitement that other forms of advertising lack. For example, digital truck ad displays can play video footage with evolved sound that’s perfect for live events already taking place. Truck ads can work as promotional material for a brand’s latest product, and come to life by exhibiting quality media and captivating performances.

As a benefit to clients and marketers on board, truck side advertising allows those responsible for the campaign to be in greater control of their work. The routes of the vehicles are transparent to the clients, and can be tracked in order to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and where it’s heading/already been. Real-time data can be used to inform the truck driver if the route needs to be changed or halted in an area that appears to have the most valuable consumers for the brand.

Digital LED truck displays are visible any time of day

Factors to Keep in Mind

In terms of the cost and calculation of a truck ad’s OOH rating, an audience location measurement tool is used to pinpoint how successful it is.

As outlined by Fit Small Business, circulation, demographics, and impressions are three important factors in detailing a billboard’s out-of-home rating. This may also apply to truck side advertising as well.

Circulation is defined as the total volume of traffic that passes through the OOH ad, as calculated by transportation authorities. This doesn’t, however, consider the amount of people who actually saw the ad; only the people who were in range of it.

Demographics, in a marketing measurement sense, means the age, gender, or income level of people in the OOH execution’s line of vision. Qualities such as these make up the audience of the out-of-home, and can identify a clear target.

Impressions are concerned with the average number of people who see the advertisement, based on the impact of size, visibility, and speed at which people are in the range of. Impressions stem from the circulation and location of the OOH.

What is the circulation of this Dunkin' Donuts truck ad?

As is outlined and broken down, truck advertising offers plenty of opportunities for brands both local or national and gears up to deliver the largest number of impressions. From looking at why it’s worth the investment to specialized qualities unique to the channel, truck advertisements enter an OOH market with a sturdy build and a smart marketing head on their shoulders.

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