What Makes Moving Billboards Special

Moving billboards are becoming a more popular type of outdoor advertising due to their agility, ability to generate a ton of impressions, and their flexibility for both advertisers and businesses. These advertising blockbusters can be spotted on buses, trucks, or other mobile vehicles. They’re playful; giving an outdoor environment a slight hint of 3D branding that doesn’t impede on a driver’s, or passenger’s, outlook of products advertised.

They’re cost-effective, as it’s proven that they have the best ROI compared to other advertising channels. The purpose of mobile billboards are to capture your attention when you least expect it, but not throw people off guard. Mobile billboards can target anyone in an outdoor space, but more targeted campaigns can take place to ensure the best results for the right people. Let’s examine just how unique moving billboards are in our world and learn some tips that can be the building block to an effective moving billboard.

Mobile billboards can be targeted, like this product drop ones, to attract the right person for the product

Basic Strengths of Mobile Billboards 

In today’s fast-paced world, people are consuming messages in a number of different channels. Whether it be Facebook or The Guardian, people are understanding the competitiveness of advertising seeking to lock their attention down. They want their information delivered quickly and efficiently. Moving billboards are masters of the quick and efficient way to advertise outdoors. The “less is more” style provides a creative format that commands people’s attention in the simplest of ways. Different than online, social messages, mobile billboards aren’t a forum that is flooded with other ads. They stand alone to create a personal effect on their consumer.

This increases brand awareness on a much larger scale and can provide a valuable source of exposure to national businesses, or those with multiple locations. Vehicle advertising can also be an effective means of reinforcing the presence of a business in a given area, if a fleet of vehicles with the same branding is seen regularly. This constant message seen by many, and over a repeatable period of time, leads to memorization and retention by viewers.

Constant messaging from mobile billboards leads to high retention among consumers

Moving billboards provide a great way for your message to stand out, and drive forward, among the many other ad channels. This is high impact, and mostly local, advertising that works. Some strengths are:

  • a long lasting, visual impact of a brand in an outdoor environment
  • cost is lesser than other ad channels like television spots and even print 
  • mass audiences are guaranteed to be reached as impressions
  • specific targeting in markets provide honed in results 
  • brand awareness is unmatched
  • audiences are motivated to take following action 

The Ability to Retarget

Image source : Shutterstock

Moving billboards have a unique property which is that they can detect people in a given proximity and tap into their mobile devices through device IDs and GPS tracking, then display the selected ads. They have the power to optimize the best reach through showing similar ads to people even after they’ve left the scene of the mobile billboard. Through retargeting, mobile billboard companies and advertisers alike can garner the most valuable impressions instead of generalizing the target with very little results.

Seen from a Distance 

Keep in mind that most people will see your mobile billboard truck from a distance, whether from their own cars or while they are moving. Mobile billboards are great because they can be seen from a far distance, just like a large bulletin static billboard could. Making sure that the text is large enough to be read from inside of a car or across a park is something to be in mind of. Checking the contrast of colors to make sure they are easily visible and pleasing to the eye is also a component of a mobile billboard with the best appeal.

Simple, yet Effective, Messaging

Most people will only glance at your billboard in passing for a few seconds. Simple messaging with a concise explanation of your service will make people know for sure who you are, and why your business stands out among other advertisers. A website or phone number is useful on a mobile billboard for people to reach out for additional information at a more convenient time. There’s power in a simple message, especially within a few eye blinks.

Imagery is King 

One solid powerful image, or a few lightly detailed images, will lock in the eyes of people on your radar. Mobile billboards are especially known for a stark visual, so it’s important to remember that choosing your image has to come from a widely acclaimed place. No one will forget what they saw pass them if it resembles Superman.

Sharp imagery locks targeted people's gaze inwards to the mobile billboard

Sharp Brand Identity

Moving billboards allow for a brand to feel distinctive in a busy marketplace, such as along populated roads. The brand identity emulating from a mobile billboard is clear, because it’s probably the only identifiably objective visual a driver, passenger, or passerby can spot around them. It remains a significant moment of branding time.

Call-to-Action Oriented 

A web address, business phone number, or business address shown on a mobile billboard can bring more consumers into your field of work. This is important and special for mobile billboards to use because they drive further business and allow people to do more research of their own.

The Value of Entertainment

The best mobile billboards usually include some element of engagement or entertainment. Using funny or shock value content makes your ad more likely to be talked about and shared. Word-of-mouth buzz is heavily prioritized for this industry, and a mobile billboard that is playfully professional will spark more interest.

After examining why moving billboards are special in outdoor advertising, the way they can retarget, and their advantages over other advertising channels, it’s certain that this trend is a staple in effective consumer reach. For more information about using mobile billboards with us, check out Movia Media. We make it easy for you.


The capacity of mobile billboards to adapt to a variety of settings and occasions makes them
exceptional. These billboards may successfully adapt the message to fit diverse audiences
and situations by being placed strategically in a variety of venues and events, such as
concerts, sporting events, festivals, or high-traffic areas. Because it is dynamic, advertisers
may interact with their target audiences in real-time and take advantage of emerging trends.
Increased Engagement and Interactivity
Technology has made it possible for mobile billboards to offer interactive features. These
days, billboards might include augmented reality, NFC, or QR code elements to encourage
customers to interact with the advertisement on their devices. Brands may create memorably
experiences by incorporating interactive features, which can lead to a deeper audience
engagement levels and deeper connections.

Combining Digital and Analogous Media

The effect and reach of mobile billboards have increased due to their convergence with
digital platforms. These billboards may seamlessly integrate physical and online advertising
efforts by syncing with social media campaigns or displaying live feeds of user-generated
material. By encouraging user interaction and building a sense of community around the
brand, this synchronization increases brand visibility.

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