Truck Side Advertising

Truck side advertising, as the name implies, is a modern advertisement strategy where banners are affixed on the side of a truck solely to reach a larger audience. This mode of advertising is a subclassification of out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

Every day, companies seek to reach more and more audiences to display their product or service with the objective to familiarize their brand — and in the long run, turn clients. 

The fast-rising adoption of truck side advertising is attributed to the value in results. Asides from that, truck advertising is arguably one with the lowest Cost Per Thousand impressions with an estimation of 81 cents per thousand when compared to other mediums of advertising such as Tv and print commercials. 

To further emphasize the success of truck side advertising — Rolling Adz, one of the solidly grounded companies in truck advertising owns up to 5500 trucks across the country showcasing banners, billboards, and graphical prints of several brands, transiting from one region to the other. This shows to prove that brands are rapidly shifting to adopting truck-side advertising to promote their business. As a growing business owner, you may be looking to adopt truck advertising — which is in fact, a smart move. In this article, we will highlight the perks of truck advertising, cost, and ways to expand your reach using this mode of marketing. 

Expanding your reach with Truck Side Advertising 

There are numerous advantages tied to truck-side advertising. Without a doubt, it is safe to assume that the primary goal of every brand is to popularize themselves amongst the populace and get their brand ahead of competitors. 

With the aid of technology, truck advertisement is able to creatively convey brand messages to thousands of people within a short span. A popular advertising statement with this mode of marketing says “Driving in traffic solely to get traffic”. This statement simply implies that moving trucks from one area to another where chances of impression are high is a brilliant move to gather engagements. 

Perhaps failing to maintain a clear and coherent message when employing truck-side advertising is the biggest error individuals make. Especially if you’re on congested streets or highways, keep in mind that it’s simple for your promotion to get lost between other promotions. Ensuring that your brand is noticeable would make a huge difference in the reach your brand can get. You will be shocked at how many individuals don’t know what company you’re advertising for when they see your advertisement when they’re out and about! On the other hand, making sure that your plan isn’t overly intricate would be beneficial.

Having said that, outlined below are some of the tricks that truck side advertising use to help you expand your audience reach. 

  • AD Retention: It is a no-brainer that the best ad rings a bell in the heart of the consumers. Outside the home, the environment is filled with unretainable scenery because there are always so many events to gaze at. It takes a creatively curated ad to catch the attention of the customer. Recollection of banners is one of the unique features of truck side advertising. To recollect an event or a message, it would usually mean that you have taken time to watch/read the content for a few minutes. Traffic is a significant tool in truck advertising — ad banners affixed to visible sides of the truck would be presented at close view range to consumers in traffic, giving them a magnifying sight of your brand’s message. Furthermore, research carried out by American Outdoor Advertising Association shows that 97% of viewers can recall truck ads. Ads retention is a psychological strategy that marketing experts use to influence customers’ decisions — which truck advertising ground a big advantage. 

Truck Advertising has no restrictions: When expanding your reach is in mind, the last thing you ever want is to get your ads restricted. One of the ranking advantages of Out of Home advertising is that there is no problem with blocking off ads or even banning them. For instance, advertisements that run on television and on the internet often come off as disruptive when people are watching their favorite shows. Most times, these ads do not get the supposed attention they ought to due to the timing of their surface. In a bid to curb the constant ad intrusion, internet users have resolved to use ad blocker tools to help keep ads away from their screen whenever they are watching their shows — which automatically denotes low audience reach. Truck advertising hones an advantage over traditional advertising due to this problem.

  • Digitalization With Truck Advertising: Technology they say, makes work effortless. In this case scenario, technology amplifies the use of truck-side advertising to promote brand messages in a more intriguing and unique manner. The peculiarity is one feature that attracts people — whether in human or mobile trucks. People are automatically attracted to unique features and with the added touch of digital technology, ads are able to reach their target audience faster as well as influence their purchasing decisions. These days, digital trucks can affix 3D illusions, glass trailers, and even LED screens — carrying a company logo and commercial on their body. Truck advertising has the advantage of not being restricted to a single market. The best thing about it is that you can tailor the advertisement to your business, making it versatile for all different kinds of brands. Due to its flexibility, advertisements may be changed more quickly than on other advertising platforms. 
  • Building Brand Awareness: It is fact the primary reason for advertising in the first place. Whether it is a product launch, an upcoming event, or added features to your company — one of the best ways to expand your audience and acquaint them with this update is to create brand awareness. There’s no other way to do this other than to push banners, billboards, and any other advertising format to potential clients. Considering the close proximity that exists in traffic, truck advertising is the best medium to create such awareness to your target audience. With enough time to stare at your commercial, there is a higher possibility that your brand would quickly become known amongst your audience within a short time. 

Advantages of truck side advertising 

  1. Advertising on trucks is easier to regulate: With our tracking technology, it is easier to know how effective the campaign was and what the reach of the campaign is.
  2. When it comes to attracting customers, truck side marketing offers objective advertising that differs from that provided by other media. In a nearby location, truck side advertisements can be put in certain locations that already have anything to do with the vehicle data. People assigned to truck side advertising must meet the geographic and fragmental requirements of the task. Hence, it reaches the places where it’s difficult for the other advertisements t reach.
  3. Ability to acknowledge a geological target: Brand promotion is the main goal of truck advertising. The majority of the time, it is simple to ignore advertisements for mobile or online amusement since you can just dismiss the window and focus on another application or event. In any event, you cannot just ignore the advertisement when it is placed on a truck. If the promotion is creative and appealing, the customer will pay attention, and the viewer will certainly see the advertisement. Keeping this approach in mind, we may organize inventive missions specifically designed to project your image in the local areas that are most suitable for your firm. This would attract nearby potential customers.
  4. Other OOH executions won’t be seen in areas where truck plugs are. Compact notices are an unusual way to advertise, so you can use them to spread the word in places where other marketing strategies haven’t been effective. A truck advertisement has the benefit of being viewed in a typical environment, untouched by other advertising.
  5. Cost-Effective: It is less expensive than TV advertisements, newspaper advertisements, and other forms of advertising that demand payments for each word, size, etc.; this is marking without additional costs. The high prevalence of truck side advertising is said to be due to the fact that they are one of the most popular types of advertising. Truck advertising is really one of the numerous reasons small and medium-sized enterprises choose it as their main method of audience outreach. The price of truck advertising varies and depends on the area through which the truck will travel, as well as occasionally the advertising firms or truck services that use your advertisement.

Disadvantages of Truck side advertising

  1. The truck won’t rush to target potential customers when it is parked or stopped. 
  2. In the unlikely event that the truck driver has an accident, the reputation of the promoted brand may be tarnished.
  3. If the product logo or image changes, it costs money to replace it. 

Despite the challenges, truck-side advertising is incredibly persuasive. A varied truck advertising campaign might also be quite effective. It’s a fantastic option for larger enterprises. Additionally, if you have a large budget, you may deliver your board to more people by placing it on a bus or on a public street.

How to track the effectiveness of a campaign?

The advantage of truck-side publicizing is that it tends to be seen by many individuals at any helpful area or occasion. The allure of truck-side ads is that they are dependably moving, which is uncommon for static shows, and draws consideration from potential purchasers any place they are. The use of GPS guides to assemble the Wi-Fi signs of individuals who have communicated with the mission really sets truck-side publicizing separate. We are specialists in this innovation and have constructed various campaigning bunches for organizations by helping them in fostering a vital exhibiting methodology to target different financial gatherings by disseminating trucks to specific locales and checking the mission’s advancement over the long haul.

We can track who noticed your primary target when and when thanks to our great locally accessible estimation progress given on our moving sheets. Our web investigation dashboard will provide you with all the information you need to gather data and assess the sustainability of your primary objective anytime you need it.

For the purpose of calculating ROI, retarget devices that come in touch with your driving releases using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals. Our reference point technology separates and filters their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals, enabling you to create various groups for your company. Additionally, we use repeated retargeting boundaries to only target customers who have seen your driving advertisements a certain number of times.

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How Much Does Truck Side Advertising Cost?

Due to the demography and size of several regions, the cost of truck side advertising varies from state to state — although circling around a similar range. Also, depending on which truck advertising media you choose to affiliate with, the cost may change for how long you intend to display your commercial on the truck, drive-through locations, and format of display. 

The cost of truck-side advertising may change without notice depending on the market and truck availability. 

Final Note

Starting with truck side advertising is simple and is a great way to increase the visibility of your company. However, before you take any more action, make sure you have a clear understanding of the type of truck-side advertisement you’re searching for as well as the basic budget. Truck-side advertising might be quite effective if done correctly. Be careful to investigate these forms of promotions’ feasibility in your particular circumstance before including them in your showcasing plan.

Seeing as it is, you can never go wrong investing in truck-side advertising. As a business owner, it is important that you see the powerful influence this medium of advertising promise to bring to your brand. With the perks of cost-efficiency, mobility, high impression rate, and zero restriction — it guarantees great value in results. 

Even more exciting, it is amusing that truck-side advertising can elicit different waves of emotions amongst viewers. Say, on a bad day outside the home, a simple display of banners on the side of a truck can entice and even put a smile on our faces. This influence is a fueling factor that continually drives its relevance to date. 

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