Toronto Advertising- Moving Billboard v/s Advertising Bench

In this week’s blog, we’re going to be talking about Toronto Billboard Advertising focusing on two different outdoor advertisements: Moving Billboards and Advertising Benches. Toronto is a large city, and recently the vehicle traffic volume has increased, and more people are on the roads. Due to their busy schedules, people are on their mobile devices more often ( smartphones, tablets), and decide to purchase items because it is convenient for their on-the-go schedules.

A moving billboard is a form of outdoor advertisements to reach motorists and pedestrians travelling on the roads. An example of a moving billboard is this image below.

Moving Billboard, Truck Advertising, Mobile Billboard, Toronto Billboard Advertising

 Would you believe me if I said this isn’t a Food Truck at the Tiff Bell Lightbox!

It’s not! That’s the beautiful thing about moving billboards. You can take your brand anywhere, anytime with truck advertising


  • Draws attention to a message by bringing it directly to the consumer
  • Cost effective to do advertisement.
  • Unlimited viewing ( good enough to make an impact )
  • The ability to photograph it for later purposes


  • Weather conditions may prevent drivers to view the advertisement
  • Sometimes the trucks need to be off the road for scheduled maintance

 An Advertising bench is an advertising display on a city bench that is used to promote a product or service. Some successful examples of using this advertisement are Realtor’s, Insurance Agents, Entertainment (Movies & Music), and other various awareness advertisements. An example of an advertising bench is this image below

Advertising Bench, Bus Bench Advertising, Bus Stop Advertising,

Does this realtor’s ad grab your attention? What a hair do! 


  • Curbside, eye-level that is visible to the public
  • Affordable
  • 24/7 Advertising


  • Quick viewing ( hard to make an impact within seconds )
  • Space limitations

Moving Billboards are suitable for companies looking for growth and network opportunities across the city for a larger target audience. Advertisement benches are for ideal for business that wants to target a very, very specific area or neighbourhood.

Now the question to ask yourself if you’re interested in billboards in Toronto is, what type of advertisement will you need to market well to your target audience? Moving or Bench?

If you have any question regarding marketing for Toronto billboard advertising, contact us now!


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