How Car Wrap Advertising is Effective

When it comes to mobile outdoor advertising, car wraps are highly prized and often used. Advertisers see value in and are able to create connections with consumers by wrapping cars in a company’s messaging. As they drive by us on a semi daily basis, cars covered in advertisements deliver more than just a short impression. Car wraps are basically large stickers, vinyl graphics, that are cut to fit the original shape of the vehicle. They come in a variety of textures, from carbon fibre to matte, satin or glass, and more. The texture of a car wrap is specifically selected based on the type of advertisement displayed.

For example, a dessert catering company may choose to have a more shinier, satin texture to their car wrap because of the sweet nature of their business. In contrast, a mechanics company may favor a carbon fibre wrap that compliments their high strength and sleek performance. Whatever the style may be, there’s always a car wrap in store for a business in demand of one. This post will look at the ways in which car wraps can generate positive results for companies as well as outline how vehicle advertising is an effective OOH medium.


Car wraps generate a ton of impressions per day, thanks to their unique designs


A Successful Return on Investment (ROI)

Compared to traditional advertising outlets such as TV, radio, and print, car wraps on moving vehicles deliver the low cost of about $.35 per thousand impressions. According to Cox Communications, 47% of 18-34 year olds surveyed in a car wrap study reported that they found car wraps to be especially memorable. One car wrapped vehicle has the ability to reach 30,000-80,000 mobile impressions per day, which is a fairly large amount for such a small ad tool. As the expression goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea. A vehicle using a car wrap are just one among many in the sea of other cars, however they meet a lot of people’s eyes along their route.


A more technological company may choose to use a carbon fibre car wrap as it meets their business front


The Results of Fleet Graphics

On top of their impressive ROI abilities, car wraps are effective in other departments. Fleet graphics allow for wide coverage of geographic locations and are responsible for spreading advertising messages in out-of-home places. According to a study by 3M, which measured the effectiveness of fleet graphics using GPS units to track ten cars through two major areas, an average cost of $.48 per 1 thousand impressions was generated. Again, the ROI is extremely cost effective.

In the same study, 3M found that an average of 6 million impressions were noted, per vehicle, on an annual scale. Also, wrapped vehicles can reside on targeted routes and messages can be adjusted in order to reach particular demographics of people. Lastly, the use of graphics and eye-catching designs make up a valuable component of an advertising marketing mix. With these 3M survey results in mind, it’s important to accept the benefits car wraps have on advertisers and their dollars.


Eye-catching designs make car wraps an effective component of a marketing mix


Other Reasons for Effectiveness

Although we’ve already seen the potential for a positive ROI, high impression count, and a few other above satisfactory reasons why car wraps make a mean advertising deliverable, there are other reasons for its effectiveness. For example, car wraps cannot be ignored, blocked, skipped, or tossed away. The majority of the 5000 ads we see everyday get overlooked, whether it’s due to online software hiding them for us or our ability to turn a magazine page, but car wraps are obviously in our direct or peripheral line of vision when we’re exposed to one.

Riveting Commercial Vehicle Wraps has pulled from their research when they discovered that 89% of ads go unnoticed, 7% are disliked by people, and only 3% are genuinely liked when they’re noticed. These findings are a hard blow to advertisers trying desperately to communicate effective messages. However, some of this can be avoided when car wraps are the medium of choice. Car wrap advertising is designed to create long exposure brand awareness, 24/7 marketing, unobtrusive messaging, and locally crafted promotions that fulfill the requirements of an effective advertisement in an out-of-home setting.


Locally crafted promotions give car wraps a community creation


After checking out what ROI can be calculated from car wraps, their impression count daily and annually, and a few other effective ways in which they meet advertising standards, it’s certain that this OOH advertising channel is going to continue to keep consumers wrapped up in its appeal.


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