Elements of Jaw-Dropping Vehicle Wraps

We’ve all seen them. We know what they’re capable of and what they look like. They might startle us as we’re passing them by, or greet us as we’re crossing the street. They might be promotional, informational, or awe-inspiring. But one thing remains objective: they’re vehicle wraps, and they’re not departing from our world anytime soon. Whether they’re covering public buses or streetcars, trucks, smaller cars, or other vehicles in our present environment, vehicle wraps are an advertising strategy that compete with static billboards as an efficient OOH execution. Due to their low cost impressions and substantial reach, vehicle wraps are perfect for businesses both big and small. Let’s go through the elements that make up a quality vehicle wrap advertisement that will stick in the minds of people who see them.


Bright colors work to separate your business from the next on the road


Bright Colors Work

Vehicle wraps are most effective when they pop in an outdoor environment. Because of so many other distractions and companies to watch out for outside, a strong vehicle wrap must be able to ward off those enemies and stand on its own two feet. Bright colors that relate to the brand’s message and professionalism add a level of distinction and beauty to the company. Color is extremely important in marketing, and hues like orange, red, and yellow express excitement in a brand. Brown and blue hues are said to increase a consumer’s competency, while white, yellow, and pink imply brand sincerity. Remember to keep your vehicle wrap in colors that best represent the brand’s inherent strengths and values.

Brand Identity Must be at Play

As was just mentioned, a brand identity needs to be constant at all times in every advertising channel output. Choosing the right colors are very important, but so are type faces, iconography, placement, and even the kind of vehicle chosen to advertise on. You must think about what your businesses represents, what it stands for, and who it’s meant for when proposing your vehicle wrap designs. A jaw-dropping vehicle wrap will only work if it speaks for the company in the best light possible.


Color hues are important in the deciding factor of your ad execution


Take Chances in the Design

The vehicle wrap market is filled with competitors who are on a mission to one-up each other’s design appeal, so it’s crucial for brands to use memorable, high impact graphics that are meant to leave consumers with a feeling more than just brand recognition. Even using simplicity, brands can elevate their physical appeal by being the black sheep of vehicle wraps in the best way possible. So many wraps rely on overstimulating, loud graphics that actually take away from the overall message. Take chances in graphics that exhibit the brand’s key assets and add to the mood of the company, rather than use overcrowded designs that signify chaos and confusion.

The Right People Need to See What’s Coming

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has found that vehicle wraps generate between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day on average. Impressions are crazy important in gaining reach from a vehicle wrap, but not every location will work for everyone. In order for a vehicle wrap to be jaw-dropping indeed, the right targets in the right areas must be aimed at. A vehicle wrap for a mountain equipment service won’t necessarily do well in a flat area far removed from adventure. Strong vehicle wraps must communicate with people who are already halfway in the door, already somewhat interested.


Take chances in your design to effectively communicate with your on-the-go targets


Limit Your Copy

The best vehicle wraps include their name, a strong tagline, a web or physical address, and a phone number. This makes up the most effective copy. Vehicle wraps that include summaries of the business, descriptions, and even quotes from customer feedback, will seldom be remembered as a strong ad. Keeping copy short and sweet is the best way to effectively get through to consumers within eyesight.

Understand What Your Competitors are Capable of

It’s important to find sources of inspiration from other vehicle wraps that speak to you and best advertise their business. By no means should you copy them, because that would be a big problem for your business, legally, and you wouldn’t stand out. Rather, borrow design elements from other vehicle graphics that you know will work for your brand. Determine what your favorite designs are to best communicate your message, and you will establish this decision through researching how other companies are doing it.


Vehicle wraps work best in places that will reach the right target consumers


After looking at many elements that make up an effective, jaw-dropping vehicle wrap, it’s clear that this advertising channel can speak to potential consumers on-the-go in a very direct way.

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