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A McDonald's billboard ad with a red background and the logo in the corner, with the text "I'm lovin it".

Fast Food OOH Advertising – Then Vs. Now

Fast food restaurants are a worldwide multi-billion dollar industry. It’s affordable , reliable, and tastes great for the price.  OOH advertising is the perfect way to showcase fast food restaurants as local passersby and tourists alike can view the ads and use the opportunity to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner if they are in a […]

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An H&M billboard advertisement with a black and white photo of a man and a message stating "going green in black IS POSSIBLE".

Fashion Ad Campaigns Fighting for a Cause

Fashion is one of the largest and most profitable industries in our modern society. Some of the most recognized clothing companies in the world, such as H&M, provide fast fashion that is highly in demand due to their amazing marketing campaigns. Out-of-home (OOH) advertising such as truck ads, billboards, posters and more, are the perfect […]

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Burn the AD billboard campaign done by Burger King in Brazil.

“What’s Next?” The Future Trends of OOH

OOH advertising is known as one of the most immersive and creative ways to advertise in the forms of billboards, posters, truck-side ads, and more. As the advertising industry continues to expand and grow, the future looks bright for OOH, particularly digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, with new trends emerging constantly. A statistical report on eMarketer, […]

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A Molson Export Ale truck side ad.

Consumers are Noticing Billboards More Than Ever

Ever since the lockdown began due to the pandemic, people have been spending more time outdoors. This means that billboards and other forms of OOH advertisements are being viewed more than ever. Especially since outdoor experiences have once again been approved by the government, like visiting patios and parks, it has become much easier for […]

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A Coach advertisement billboard on a sidwalk.

Why OOH Pairs Exceptionally Well with Alternative Forms of Advertising

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising continues to rise in popularity as companies make use of enormous billboards to increase their exposure. Traditional radio, television, and online advertisements aren’t always enough to reach a mass audience. By including several different mediums of advertising within a campaign, companies are able to market their products and services in the most […]

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