Uber OOH

Uber advertising is a new way to advertise products or services on the street level that is the rapid expansion of digital out of the home market which is not only beneficial to customers for awareness and the company for promoting products on a massive scale, but also a new way for drivers and uber to earn extra money through advertising on the top of their cars too.

This uber announced its partnership with Adomni on April 1 and disclosed it publicly in May 2019 and build a new business unit called uber ooh. Adomni is a programmatic advertising network that links brands and agencies with mobile consumers through real-world digital screens. Advertisers can use mobile location data to target consumers and execute campaigns in minutes, thanks to one of the world's fastest-growing DOOH networks.

Uber Out-of-Home Advertising

The Power of Uber Out-of-Home

Advertisers love to display ads on uber because Ubers are considered the number 1 most memorable transit advertising and they are everywhere roundabout 300 vehicles within a city so, it is quite easy to access a huge audience in one minute. Its important feature is customization presenting ads according to the location and specific time of the day and uber ooh drivers play a crucial role thus need to make them happy, this scheme provides an additional source of income to drivers per mile.

If we talk about the single uber, the longest ride on uber could be of estimated 4 to 5 hours which is more than enough to attract pedestrians, people on taxis behind your uber, and people on other mobile vehicles too because the Ubers moves from one to another place not a kind of static billboard in one place only.

There are several rideshare advertising companies like firefly, Wrapify, and Carvertise who are doing advertising on Ubers by using wrap designing or smart screens on cartops and inside the uber. Advertisements on Ubers are considered unique and attractive and have no limit on any market, it is globalized. Internet-connected high-resolution smart screens impact the bulk of customers in the United States.

What are the benefits of Uber advertising?

1. Cost-efficient
The uber OOH advertising cost is minimal and reaches more customers at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) than any other out–of–home advertising. The 4feet screen on uber was found effective than digital billboards for advertisers while uber lost $8.5 billion by turning passengers’ cars into commercial cars.

Furthermore, local companies such as auto dealerships and stores sometimes are demanded ridiculous sums to advertise on billboards and other out-of-home places. Thus, advertising through uber is economical for promoters so, no need to think about its expenses they can advertise for a longer period.

2. Convenient
Uber advertisements are one of the most flexible methods to grab the attention of the audience. Ubers are showcasing the ads when and where the target audience of that brand wants to see them and by doing this, they are pulling the brand over the other competitive brand and have a strong and longer impression on people’s minds.

The advertisement on uber is not a tough or easy task it depends upon the longevity of the advertisement and the need to contact an out-of-home ad tech company or directly purchase space for advertisement on the uber ooh website or Adomni’s website. It is a good opportunity for all businesses to advertise products through uber ooh and put a remarkable sign in customers’ minds about products.

quadra ingreditents ad on back of semi truck
quadra ingreditents ad on back of semi truck

3. Recurring Nature
The advertisement on TV and radio are approximate of 30 seconds and they charge a large sum to display ads while advertisement on uber ooh is long-lasting neither any restriction of seconds or hours just because of their recurring nature and it is the reason people remember ads instead to ignore like other static billboards and skip ads like on TVs. Thus, uber ooh benefits outweigh TV advertisements so maybe in the future, it would be popular more than now.

4. Wider reach
Ubers are everywhere and this means advertisements for users will also be in each corner of the country and engage your customers on their everyday journey. Hyper targeting strategy used that empowers brands where other mobile media formats cannot reach.

Its focus is wider customer reach thus geo-targeting and location targeting strategies are used by which brands are encouraged to select which ads will be displayed depending upon the location of the uber, hour of the day, and even according to the weather and users.

Uber ooh Cost

The cost of Uber ooh is varied according to:

  1. The location.
  2. The number of cars you selected to advertise your brand.
  1. The design of the wrap on Uber.
  2. The duration of the advertisement.

Uber ooh is an extension of digital ooh advertising. It is a good opportunity for businesses who are looking for the most effective ooh advertisement and revenue growth option for drivers. It extends your brand to the next level due to its functions like wider reach, conveniently grabbing the attention of commuters, recurring nature, and attractive features that nobody ignores.