High quality, Low Price

Our wraps are printed on high-quality vinyl using environmentally-friendly inks. We have a vast supply of printing partners across North America, and can pass on discounts, even to one-time wrappers, thanks to our large volume ordering.

quadra ingredients ad on truckside advertising
quadra ingreditents ad on back of semi truck

Expert Installation

Your truck advertising wrap is highly visible, so you want the very best when it comes to the application.

White Glove Service

Above all, you can feel good knowing that our ongoing after-sales service and maintenance are highly rated, and keep our customers coming back.

quadra ingredients ad on truckside advertising


What is truck wrap advertising?

The marketing practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle in a vinyl material, which may be for advertising or custom delivery. The result of this process is a mobile billboard.

Why are vehicle wraps the key to advertising?

You can increase your consumer reach without going through so much hassle. Even with your business cars just parked along the road, or caught in traffic, your car-wrap message already reaches your potential clients.

Does Vehicle Wrap Advertising Work for small businesses?

If you are a small business and don't have a significant budget for advertising, you can promote your business by putting a wrap on your vehicle. If your business involves a fleet of vehicles, you can also use vehicle wraps to promote your business and add a professional, uniform look to your fleet.

Can I customize my vehicle wrap with a brand logo or artwork?

Yes, you can customize your vehicle wrap with branding. The price of the wrap design can vary depending on the level of complexity and size.

How much do you charge for truck wrap advertising?

The cost for truck wrap advertising varies from campaign to campaign. All of our campaigns are quoted in custom proposals. Please reach out and we would be more than happy to develop a custom proposal for your project.

How effective is vehicle wrap advertising?

Wrapped vehicles stand out when a number of vehicles stop at a traffic signal or in a parking space. Long traffic jams become meaningful when hundreds of people will get a chance to look at your promotional content displayed beautifully on your car in forms of wraps and decals.