Truck Ads

Elevate your business outreach with the help of truck advertising - Nobody does it like Movia.

Truck Advertisement is one of the most profound marketing strategies to help your business grow and strengthen its brand. Although truck advertising has been around for ages, and is regarded as one of the stone age methods of marketing, Movia brings mobile advertising into the 21st century by combining innovation and creativity to give you a truckside billboard that is sure to get noticed. As a result, you can be sure that your business will get noticed and recognized by everyone who sees your truck ads.

Truck Advertising - Movia Media

What are the benefits of truck ads?

Our advertising trucks bring our clients the social exposure that they cannot achieve with generic billboards and advertisements. With advanced targeting strategies, as well as custom-built demographics, and even specific routes, our truck advertisement will showcase your business to the audience of your interest.

Truck ads can make their way through high-traffic areas that cannot be reached by other forms of signage and stationary advertising. A mobile advertising truck is effective at capturing the attention of drivers and pedestrians alike. This means that more people will see your advertisement, and you will have more potential customers. If you are looking to reach as many people as possible with your advertisement, truck advertisements are a reliable way of doing so.

With your advertisement being on the side of a semi, your business can potentially reach a wide audience by travelling through Canada and the United States. As they do so, people from all over North America will see your advertisement and be exposed to your business, creating potential new customers.

Aside from growing your brand, truckside advertising is also a cost-effective method of marketing because compared to other forms of out-of-home advertising strategies, truck advertising has one of the lowest CPM - Pay less, get recognized more!

Reach your ideal audience using Movia’s analytics

Track who viewed your campaigns in precise locations with Movia’s beacon technology that is implemented within our advertising trucks. Target, track, and learn about your selected audience with our truck advertising - designed to help you grow!

We start by helping you to formulate a truck-to-audience strategy based on various factors like routes, time of day, and demographics. Once your mobile billboard is on the road, Movia’s beacon technology picks up nearby cell phone signals on mobile devices used by drivers and pedestrians and counts them as impressions.

With the information gathered from Movia’s beacon technology, you can see where your trucks are, their daily or monthly impressions, and who your advertisements are reaching. You can use the data to send messages back to people who have come in contact with your mobile billboards through platforms like the weather app, ESPN, or TSN. You can even optimize further to send messages only to those who have seen your truck ads a set number of times.

In the end, mobile billboard trucks offer a unique opportunity to track your return on investment using collected data and can use it to expand your business to connect with audiences that you would not otherwise reach.

Growing brand with Truck Advertisement

Growing your brand with Movia

Advertising on trucks does not feel like an outdated marketing method with us. At Movia, our advertising trucks give your brand the opportunity to grow in areas most suited for your business, as well as give your brand an authentic and exciting look.

Your unique mobile billboard design makes it easy to be remembered by many people and can provide a powerful message for your brand. By creating an eye-catching advertisement and displaying it in busy areas such as highways, you have an opportunity to reach a much larger audience and expand your brand to people that may not otherwise be exposed to it.

Track your progress with Movia

Our truckside advertising lets you see the progress you will be making with your desired audiences and the next steps necessary to make your brand stand out even more. Unlike traditional old-school billboards, Movia’s truck ads show you the dollars you’ll be spending for audience targeting and the many ways you can improve it!

Movia’s Mobile Billboard Rates

Movia’s rates for truck ads will vary according to season, duration, location, and type of truck. Generally, mobile billboards cost between $300 and $700 per truck per day. The summer months can be more expensive due to increased demand for outdoor advertising space, while the winter months are cheaper.

In the end, you can expect mobile advertising to cost approximately $40 per 1000 impressions. This rate can easily pay for itself by expanding your client base to people who do not know about your business. Movia is one of the best choices for truckside advertising because it selects the best location and route to promote your business based on demographics so that you can generate as much profit as possible.

Get Your Brand Noticed with Movia Truck Ads

Advertising on trucks is one of the best ways to showcase your brand to many people in a short amount of time. Mobile advertising is a powerful marketing tool that can get your brand noticed and expand your clientele. Using Movia’s affordable mobile billboards, you expose drivers and pedestrians to your business, get the analytic data to back it up, and keep reaching out to customers. As a result, your business will generate more income through more clients, making your brand a success.

If you are ready to take the plunge and invest in mobile advertising for your business, please contact us today by phone, email, or online. We would be happy to give you a free consultation during which we can discuss your particular business and your best options for mobile advertising.


What is a truck ad?

A truck ads is a billboard placed on a truck that drives around town, showing your message to drivers, pedestrians and people in nearby buildings. You can also park a truck ad in a central location where it can remain visible to potential customers.

What is truck Advertising?

truck advertising are an effective platform used for out of home (OOH) advertising. These ad displays are traditionally wrapped around the sides of trucks, providing greater visibility of a brand and custom messaging to passing drivers, pedestrians, and daily commuters.

How effective are truck ads?

In America (according to the Trucking Association), truck ads are noticed by 98% of people traveling in cars, while also finding that digital mobile billboards have greater recall rates – as much as 97%. There is no way a consumer can “flip a page” or “skip an ad” with a mobile billboard – it is right in front of them, mostly unmissable making mobile billboards more effective and flexible than traditional billboard advertising.

How much does it cost to advertise on a truck ad?

The rates of billboard truck advertising vary according to season, duration and location, and type of truck. Mobile truck billboard advertising cost rates are approximately $2.00 per 1000 impressions. The size and duration of the advertisement usually influence the cost. The time duration of the mobile billboard is set by how long a brand wants their message to be displayed, but it will be seen regardless of how long it is displayed for.

Why should I choose you over other companies?

Movia is the only mobile billboard/truck wrap supplier that incorporates GPS tracking and Impression Analytics into its offering – capturing where the trucks are at any given moment, who is seeing them, and how many impressions the ad is gathering. These abilities mean Movia is much more than a company that puts ads on trucks.

How do I know the vehicles are out when you say they are?

Using our GPS tracking beacons attached to the truck ads you can track where your ads are at any moment. We also measure impressions based on Wi-Fi/Bluetooth signal, For ROI measurement, retarget devices that come into touch with your mobile billboards. Our beacon technology detects and tracks their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals, allowing you to establish mobile audiences for your business.

What are the advantages of Truck Advertising?

There are plenty of advantages of truck advertisements. Some advantages include the high recall rates from drivers and pedestrians who will notice your ads while also targeting specific areas and audiences will give you much more control as compared to digital advertising. Truck ads are almost inescapable especially if paired during peak traffic hours, unlike static or printed advertisements.

How do truck ads grab an audience's attention?

Truck ads can be almost larger than life, this is especially true when you are stuck behind a 10-foot-high and 22-foot-long truck for miles in traffic. These types of ads can be inescapable for drivers on the road and even pedestrians on the sidewalk. With Movia, however, using targeted tracking technologies the same consumer might see the same ad frequently leading to a higher recall rate as compared to a static advertisement.