Truck Advertising

Elevate your business outreach with the help of truck advertising - Nobody does it like Movia.

Advertising on trucks is one of the most profound marketing strategies that can help your business grow and strengthen its brand. Although truck advertising has been around for ages, and is regarded as one of the stone age methods of marketing, at Movia we combine our innovation and strong creativity with an advertising truck in order to deliver the results with our truck ads that our clients deserve and desire.

What are the benefits of truck advertising?

Our advertising trucks bring our clients the social exposure that they cannot achieve with generic billboards and advertisements. With advanced targeting strategies, as well as custom built demographics, and even specific routes, our advertising trucks will showcase your business to the audience of your interest.

Aside from growing your brand, truck side advertising is also a cost effective method of marketing because as compared to other forms of out of home advertising strategies, truck advertising has one of the lowest CPM - Pay less, get recognized more!

Reach your ideal audience using Movia’s analytics

Track who viewed your campaigns in precise locations with Movia’s beacon technology that is implemented within our advertising trucks. Target, track, and learn about your selected audience with our truck advertising - designed to help you grow!

Growing your brand with Movia

Truck side advertising does not feel like an outdated marketing method with us. At Movia, our advertising trucks give your brand the opportunity to grow in areas most suited for your business, as well as give your brand an authentic and exciting look.

Track your progress with Movia

Our truck side advertising allows you to see the progress that you will be making with your desired audiences, and the next steps necessary to make your brand stand out even more. Unlike traditional old school billboards, Movia’s truck advertising shows you the dollars you’ll be spending for audience targeting and the many ways you can improve it!