Travelling advertising as the name implies means a marketing strategy executed by private and public entities tailored to attract travelers intending to visit a country for social or business purposes.

Ideally, this marketing approach is often practiced by firms such as travel agencies, airlines, tour guides, boat cruise companies, hotels and other business entities that offer services or products to travelers.

Travelling advertisement may otherwise be known as international tourism advertisement. It uses an array of marketing tactics to make their services appealing to their audience. Some of the major modes of travel advertising are mobile advertisement and truck advertisement.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is a medium of advertising through mobile devices such as mobile phones. In this form of advertisement, marketing is executed via text ads, social media, and websites banner advertisements.

Over the years, mobile advertisement has been the most used form of travel advertising. This is a result of technological evolution globally.

According to statista, there are over 5 billion internet users worldwide — and an average user spends up to 6 hours on the internet daily. This data further proves that half of the world population spend a chunk of their time on the internet— hence, making it the best medium to reach out to potential customers using traveling advertising.

For instance, hotels across major tourist centers have invested into connecting with potential customers via the internet. These hotels enlist their numerous services and hospitality advantages over other competitors— giving their customers an appealing picture of their services before booking. Other private firms such as travel agents, cruise companies and non governmental travel organizations make use of similar mediums to reach their ideal customers.

Outdoor Truck Advertisement

Truck Advertising

At some point in life, we’ve likely come across trucks/buses with wallpapers or motion graphics displaying an advertisement for a certain product or service— that is a typical example of truck advertising. Also, for the others who have not seen such mode of advertisement, here is a better definition.

Truck advertising is a method of mobile advertising that allows trucks display commercial advertisements on the body to convey product/service messages to potential customers.

Trucks are large vehicles and are often big enough to cover a large area of ground, magnifying the content attached to its body to a great number of people. Some companies use their trucks for advertising as well as transportation. There are also companies that lease out spaces of their trucks for advertisement.

This form of advertisement is common due to the countless number of locations a truck could drive to within a time frame. Additionally, truck advertisements give potential customers an intense connection to the displayed advertisement within a closer view unlike billboards. A typical example is Movia, a media platform that deals with billboard and truck advertising. The company specializes in moving canvas trucks to people a business is willing to reach. They convey the message to the designated demographic and geographical area. They may even move along specific routes to ensure numerous people get a sight of the displayed advertisement.

Outdoor Truck Advertisement Services
Truckside advertising Advertisment

Travelling advertising is a form of marketing that pushes services of certain companies across borders. This mode of advertising is basically used to attract clients intending to visit a country for whatever purpose.

Bottom line, many advertisers including the private and public entities have similar objectives, which is to increase their revenue as well as popularize their products/services to travelers.