Transit Advertising
Vs Truck Advertising

What is transit advertising?

Transit advertising is a form of out of home advertising that is used worldwide by many businesses in the modern world. Transit advertising involves placing an advertisement on any mode of public transportation for the purposes of promotion of a business, event, or even an upcoming movie.

The power of transit advertising

The value of transit advertising lies in the immense public exposure that it offers to business owners with much cheaper costs as compared to other forms of marketing techniques. The advertisements on public transportation can be placed virtually anywhere: on the sides of buses, taxis, subways, trains, and even bus stations. The primary purpose of such placements is to grow the familiarity of a business’s brand image with the public transportation riders anywhere within the given region. While many people may think of transit advertising as an ineffective means of growing a business, they happen to be misinformed. This is because transit advertising is essentially everywhere - think about it, how many times have you used any means of public transit throughout the last year, be it a bus, subway, or even an Uber? The odds are that you have come across at least several well placed transit billboards that may have caught your attention without much effort on your behalf. That's the beauty of transit advertising - effortless exposure to the eyes of the public.

Take transit advertising to the next level with Carvertise

Carvertise is a marketing promotional company which pays high mileage drivers such as food delivery couriers, transportation drivers as well as rideshare users to use their vehicles as a method of advertising other brands. This innovative method of transit advertising is a surprisingly powerful and effective strategy for gaining public exposure as well as growing a brand’s image. Drivers get to choose which brand they are willing to advertise through their vehicle, and then proceed to drive around in specific routines in accordance to the preferred market of the company. Increased brand awareness, a growing brand image, as well as limitless exposure are just some of the benefits that companies will benefit from using Carvertise!

What are the other forms of transit advertising that your business could benefit from?

You can get very creative when it comes to transit advertising. There are so many varied methods of public transit advertising, and the best part is that you can use more than one source of public transit advertising to grow the exposure for your brand! For example, you can implement train and subway ads which have specific routines in specific areas of a city. To add to that, you could also choose to have the message of your brand on buses as well as bus stations, which would greatly increase the popularity of your brand amongst public transit users. The potential for your creativity with transit advertising is virtually limitless, it all comes down to your creativity and how you want your brand to be seen from the public perspective!

Mobile ads, truck ads, and more!

Elevate your business branding to the next level and yield results like never before with the help of many creative OOH strategies such as mobile ads, transit advertising, and truck advertising. While most of your competitors rely on social media and static billboard advertising, you will be giving your business a brand new look with the creative outdoor advertising strategies that transit ads have to offer you! Truck advertising is another immensely powerful method of advertising that we offer at Movia Media, which allows our clients to acquire mass exposure for their brands.