pine trees with light snowy mountains in distance

Net Zero Emissions

When you choose Movia’s out-of-home advertising, you’re also choosing net-zero emissions. Because we partner with delivery trucks that are already out on the road, going wherever their scheduled routes take them, we’re not adding any new CO2 to the environment. In essence, our trucks are doing double duty.

Our Million-Tree Goal

We offset all production and operations by planting trees for every truck on the road. Working with Trees for the Future and Highway of Heroes, 100 trees are planted for every truck that completes 4 weeks of driving. To date, we’ve planted 139,000 trees, and are working steadily with our partners to reach our one-million-tree goal.

many trees in forest
190,300 trees planted and counting.

Movia Partners

Find out how Movia can become not only your most effective OOH advertising partner, but your most sustainable one too.