Static advertising is a well-established form of out-of-home advertising that has helped businesses promote their products and services for many years. Static billboards provide continuous exposure to an advertisement. These billboards are frequently seen in high-traffic regions, where the advertisement is repeatedly exposed to a large number of people, allowing a brand to efficiently reach a wide audience in a short period of time. With the variety of current static billboard mediums, there is an opportunity to be incredibly innovative with the content while maintaining the familiarity of static billboard advertising.

Traditional, yet very appealing

Neuroscience says an ad placed in an iconic place leaves a longer emotional impact on people than ever changing billboard advertisements. For now it may seem digital billboards are replacing hoardings, but in reality, it’s only a small fraction those hoardings. Even today, brands feel a “planted-flag” advertisement is more like owning that ad space and people will keep looking back at it for the same brand interaction. This is particularly true for locations such as malls and areas around the airport.

Static billboards create an impression of premium presence which never goes away, and no brand wants to lose out on that.

Benefits of using Static Billboards

Location and Visibility

Using technology and research based geographical targeting can help brands identify the right space or location for a particular campaign. This process assists in providing greater visibility with promising reach and impressions.

Guaranteed Audience

Unmeasurable spends were previously the first to be discontinued owing to the uncertainty of impressions. Advertisement agencies continued to receive requests for lower charges since brands were unable to measure the billboard's genuine impact on potential viewers. However,using the benefits of location-based targeting, a brand can now decide how much to spend on a campaign media for a specific geography to get a desired result. More the visibility and reach- greater the budget of the print ad.

Design and creative freedom

A clear call to action, a basic message, and a compelling visual attract constant traffic to a billboard. To send an impactful message, the design does not have to be complex. Static billboards are excellent examples of advertising's creative freedom. There's a lot that can be done with the billboard's design and extensions, including things like light play and cutouts that help the campaign's message stand out. This is a striking addition that will amaze your viewers and increase the overall impact of your campaign.

Static Billboards
Static billboards - Right Choice for Your Brand

Making the right choice for your brand

Static billboards provide identical impressions as digital billboards, with the exception that they don't emit light, making them harder to see at night. However, this may always be addressed by using light sources or precise geo-targeting to meet the appropriate customers in the right places at the right time. A brand's campaign goals could be radically different. They may, for example, need to promote a brand-new product line or wish to test a product or message with a different audience. Static billboards in certain locations are often a better way to go in these situations to acquire the desired impressions.

For the longest time now, people have used billboards to promote, advertise, communicate their feelings, and overall improve the lives of many people. The evolution of static billboards has been rather interesting, from being placed in landmarks to highways to being digitized. Some brands using static billboards also took a shift into mobile billboards since people in general have started spending a lot of time being on-the-go in their vehicles, which has ensured success to most campaigns.