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In 2018, Canada passed legislation to allow the sale of recreational cannabis. In just 5 years the number of legal dispensaries skyrocketed to nearly 4000 stores! For independent retailers like The Woods Cannabis, competition has never been more intense, and finding new ways to engage with consumers in a meaningful way can be challenging. Without the brand awareness of larger chains, they needed a way to tell potential customers that not only are they open for business but that they also offer delivery. By partnering with Movia to develop a mobile billboard campaign, The Woods was able to announce their arrival in a big way using a medium that is often overlooked by the Cannabis industry. With just a single truck, they were able to create sufficient brand awareness around retail shopping centers to ensure that their new store opening was a huge success. At Movia, we believe that out-of-home media should be accessible to every business, and our unique platform makes it easy to get noticed and leave a lasting impression on any audience. Isn't it time your brand got moving too?

Cannabis Retail Store Launch for The Woods Cannabis using Mobile Billboards

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

16 weeks


5M impressions
after 16 weeks



Movia The Woods Cannabis Retail Store Case Study

Cannabis Mobile Billboard Advertising for The Woods Cannabis

About The Woods Cannabis Retail Store

The Woods Cannabis is a chain of Cannabis retail stores in Ontario, Canada. Having numerous locations across the Great Toronto Area they service a wide array of clients. Have a large selections of Cannabis products. They also offer home delivery options that make it convenient for any Cannabis needs.