Vuori logo for their truck advertising campaign


California-based Vuori is a significant player in the growing athleisure space. After a successful test campaign in LA, they turned to Movia to kick off a string of new store openings across the US,a starting in Boston. Branded trucks with routes near the new Boston location were sent out in the spring of 2022 and generated 8.4 million impressions over five weeks. As the campaign progressed, there was an uptick in sales, with post-sale surveys indicating that customers noticed the trucks before coming to the store to buy in person. This response shows that truck side advertising can be a helpful tool for brand awareness and to drive actual in-store sales. With aggressive expansion plans this year, Vuori will be replicating the success in 9 additional markets.

Truck Advertisement photo of Vuori carrying out a targeted OOH advertising campaign in Boston.

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

8 weeks


470M impressions
after 8 weeks


10 US Markets

Movia Vuori Mobile Billboards Store Opening Case Study

Truckside Ads for Vuori travelling in Boston.

About the Company

Vuori makes premium performance apparel inspired by the active Coastal California lifestyle; an integration of fitness, surf, sport, and art. Breaking down the boundaries of traditional activewear, we are a new perspective on performance apparel.

Our Investment in Happiness is more than our product guarantee and our commitment to a great experience for our customers. It’s our philosophy on doing business and it’s symbolic of how we care for our team, our community, the natural environment and most importantly, each other. At Vuori our guiding principles are simple...we aim to make great products, be in great relationships and live extraordinary lives.