Uprising is a new food company based in Detroit that specializes in making low carb, gluten-free breads. With the popularity of keto diets and a new consumer focus on gut health, Uprising's snack food is on trend…they just needed to let the right people know about it. For their first ever OOH campaign, they turned to Movia, for the ability to reach large numbers while targeting a very specific crowd - in this case, the health-conscious consumer. Three trucks were mobilized with larger-than life photos and a rallying cry to snack lovers. For 5 weeks, the trucks were sent to select retail locations which carry the new product…creating 4.5 million impressions in total. Sales were also encouraged with flier handouts - given to customers near the store, to help boost awareness right at the time they'd be encountering the product on the shelf. Overall, a smart marketing strategy for a little-known company…that's definitely on the rise.

Mobile Billboard Ads for Uprising Foods

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

5 weeks


6+M impressions
after 5 weeks


Truckside Advertising for Uprising Foods in a busy intersection

About Uprising Foods

It took eight months of intensive R&D to dial in the perfect recipe for Uprising. We teamed up with leaders in the farm-to-table baking movement. We used baking pans from around the world. We even tinkered with the metal alloy of those pans. And we ate A LOT of bread.

What we didn't do was take any shortcuts like using preservatives or ingredients we wouldn't put into our own bodies. That's not the Uprising way.

We knew we were onto something when we took Uprising to local farmers markets, and it kept selling out. People who thought their bread days were over discovered they could fall back in love with avocado toast, grilled cheese, French toast, and more. Now we're thrilled to bring that same joy to people around the country.