Travel Cuba signed up to run a campaign for 6 months with 7 moving billboards by Movia Media between January 2018 to March 2018 and October 2018 and December 2018. Within the first two months of their campaign, Travel Cuba had over 35 million impressions between the 7 moving billboards. The purpose of the campaign was to actively promote their beautiful country as one of the top vacation destinations within South America as well as raise brand awareness within the GTA. Their goal is to quickly but also more efficiently promote Cuba and increase their yearly tourist visits to the country.

Truckside Advertisement photo of Travel Cuba showing casing a beautiful beach of Cuba in Dundas Square Toronto


Number of


Project Scope

24 weeks


35+M impressions
after 8 weeks


7 Toronto 6 Montreal
Two Truckside Advertisements for Travel Cuba at Dundas Square in Toronto

About Travel Cuba

Travel Cuba focuses on showing the beauty of Cuba, its culture and tradition to the world to witness and visit. With Cuba being one of the top vacation destinations within South America, Travel Cuba works to promote and engage outsiders to choose Cuba to showcase their unique beaches, historical monuments and lifestyle.

“Given the re-usable boards, time in market, and overall audience reach, it proved to be one of the most cost-efficient media we’ve used.”

- Antonella Armenti,
Media Director, Media Director, Current International / Brand Works - Travel Cuba Planner

One Mobile Billboard for Travel Cuba with the Director of Tourism for Travel Cuba in Toronto