Simba Mattresses logo for their truck advertising campaign


In Quebec, July 1st is Moving Day, a tradition that brings thousands of people out of their homes - in order to change homes. This made it perfect timing for Simba, an International Award Winning mattress company, to advertise. With so many people on the streets, OOH is a popular choice for this day, but by pairing with Movia, Simba made their message even more relevant.

Deploying 5 trucks into residential Montreal streets, it looked like Simba Mattress were getting delivered everywhere! A special placement on Moving Day drove huge engagement rates by doing weekend drops at U Haul locations. This caught people’s attention while changing mattresses- or at least moving them - was top of mind.

During other parts of the 12-week campaign, the trucks took to spots where competitive mattresses are sold and where people would be in the mindset to consider options. In all, 24 million impressions were created, showing how smart timing and location can become your strategy when choosing Movia.

Truckside Ads for Simba travelling in Quebec

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

12 weeks


24M impressions
after 12 weeks




Movia Simba Mattresses Mobile Billboards Case Study

Truck Advertisement photo of Simba doing a targeted business area OOH advertising campaign

About Simba Mattresses

We supplied our very first spool of thread to a Derbyshire mattress factory in 1979. Quickly our family thread business weaved across the world. It's been used in 50 million mattresses in over 35 countries.

The chances are, the mattress you'll sleep on tonight will use that thread. Then we thought - why not use this thread to create our own mattresses? We diversified into mattress design and supply in 2002. It was a great success. We sold over 1m mattresses - but we knew we could take it even further. We wanted to create the perfect mattress. A high-tech mattress that was affordable and adapts to your body for exceptional support.