Shoppers Drug Mart and Dentsu were launching a new fresh food section in locations in Calgary and Edmonton and they needed to reach people that were out and about, commuting, and staying at home. This was all during a time when Covid restrictions had shifted the movement patterns of consumers significantly. Movia's mobile marketing strategy was able to bring the new fresh food section news into key locations and areas nearby these Shoppers Drug Mart locations. With 5 trucks over 5 weeks, the campaign garnered over 10 million impressions, many of which were delivered at key times when consumers were making shopping location decisions. Being able to take their message mobile where the population was spending their time, enabled the new store sections to launch effectively.

Truckside Advertisement for ShoppersDrugMart park outside of LondonDrug which is a competitor

Movia Shoppers Drug Mart Mobile Billboards Case Study

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

5 weeks


10M impressions
after 5 weeks


3 Calgary
2 Edmonton
Truckside Advertisement for ShoppersDrugMart in a busy intersection near a ShoppersDrugMart Location

About the Company

Founded in 1962, Shoppers Drug Mart is Canada’s #1 retail pharmacy chain, containing over 1,300 stores nationwide. The company is well known for having a wide variety of products and services that go beyond just that of a regular pharmacy. From health to luxury beauty to household items, electronics, and food. Their outstanding reputation as a leading Canadian business is well-deserved as the company has acquired a loyal customer base over the years.