Ryerson University logo for their truck advertising campaign


The Ryerson Chang School of Continuing Education ran a 1 month campaign with Movia Media Inc. between April 17, 2017 and May 17, 2017. The campaign was to promote the university’s continuing education program, located in downtown Toronto. Their goal was to increase the target’s brand awareness and increase program applicants by 1000% from April to May.

Truckside Advertisement photo of Ryerson University promoting the Chang School of Continuing Education

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

4 weeks


6+M impressions
after 4 weeks


Toronto Ontario
One Mobile Billboard for Ryerson University with the copy “Know Where You are Headed”

About Ryerson The Chang School of Continuing Education

The G.Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education is a repository of open educational resources, with an initiative to provide access to education to a wide variety of learners. It is claimed to be Canada’s largest, most successful continuing education program, with approximately 70,000 enrolments each year.

“Our recent campaign with Movia Media allowed us to be innovative as we explore other non-traditional ways to reach our target market of adult learners.”

- Ryerson University,
The Chang School of Continuing Education

One Truckside Advertisement for Ryerson University in downtown Toronto