If you’ve ever received a lotto ticket in your Christmas stocking, you’ll understand how important the festive season is to the lottery and gaming industry. The Ontario Lottery Corporation wanted to remind people to pick up some Holiday Scratch Tickets for their loved ones during the 2021 lead-up to Christmas. Starting November 22nd for 5 weeks, 8 Movia trucks were booked through Mediacom and Kinetic, targeting the suburb of Etobicoke. Routes included both residential areas, and trucks delivering to grocery, convenience stores and pharmacies. By parking in front of these stores, the simple, fun and direct message served as the last point of ad exposure to potential Christmas shoppers, who could easily pick up a ticket right then and there, while the thought was fresh in their minds. It was a smart point of purchase play for the brand…and for those who received a winning ticket in their stocking as a result, it was downright genius.

Truckside Adverting for OLG Holiday Gifting campaigning around town

Movia OLG Holiday Gifting Truck Ads Case Study

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

5 weeks


13M impressions
after 5 weeks



Truck Advertising for OLG Holiday Gifting in a busy intersection

About the Company

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, known for corporate branding purposes simply as OLG since 2006, is a Crown corporation owned by the Government of Ontario, Canada. It is responsible for the province's lotteries, charity and Aboriginal casinos, commercial casinos, and slot machines at horse-racing tracks. It was created in April 2000 when the Ontario Lottery Corporation (OLC) was merged with the Ontario Casino Corporation (OCC), established in 1994. OLG employs over 8,000 individuals throughout Ontario; 1,400 in Sault Ste Marie and the GTA offices. There are approximately 9,800 retailers operating more than 10,000 lottery terminals across the province.