Mobile Billboard advertisement for Northwest Bank out front of a Walmart Store


Northwest Bank, a regional banking operator with over 170 locations came to Movia to drive awareness in Indianapolis, which needed a boost. The Mobile Billboard campaign was just what they needed to drive impressions into key neighbourhoods and areas that bank wanted to gain traction. The 3 trucks – 5 week campaign delivered over 3 Million eye-catching impressions. Being able to hyper-target with large format Mobile OOH gave Northwest Bank the exposure required to be top of mind when thinking banking. Whether at home, out commuting, or going for a walk, people living in Indianapolis new Northwest Bank was open and ready to serve them.

Northwest Bank Mobile Billboard in front on Walmart

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

8 weeks


15M impressions
after 8 weeks




Movia Northwest Bank Truck Ads Case Study

Mobile Billboard Campaign for Northwest Bank out front of Northwest Bank.

About Northwest Bank

Northwest Bank is a bank headquartered in Warren, PA. It is the leading subsidiary of Northwest Bancshares, Inc., a bank holding company. It operates 170 branches in central and western Pennsylvania, western New York, eastern Ohio, and Indiana.