Modsy logo for their truck advertising campaign


When Modsy, a disruptor in the interior design space, wanted to launch their first outdoor advertising campaign, they wanted an innovative partner to take them to consumers in a smarter, more targeted way. As an online company, Modsy wanted to combine outdoor awareness with online conversion—and Movia did just that. With 10 trucks over 14 weeks, they were able to garner an astounding 58 million impressions. But it didn’t end there—though Movia's mobile beacon technology, Modsy was able to track and retarget consumers, leading to 1.2 million online impressions and a 14% higher online click through rate, resulting in both brand awareness and business results.

Truckside Advertisement photo of Modsy doing a targeted residential OOH advertising campaign

Movia Modsy Mobile Billboards Case Study

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

14 weeks


56+M impressions
after 14 weeks

Digital Impressions

1+M impressions
after 14 weeks

Online Conversions

14% Higher
after 14 weeks


Seattle Washington

Three Truckside Advertisements for Modsy in residential neighborhoods in Seattle

About Modsy

Modsy is an interior design company that is breaking industry standards by coalescing cutting-edge technology and customer submitted photos of their empty rooms to curate fully furnished 3D designs that completely changes the way homeowners select and purchase furniture. With the choice of four different online design packages each tailored to how much homeowners want to invest in their own interior design, Modsy has made interior design so much easier for both customers and designers in the home décor industry.

“Casey and the entire Hauler Ads team went above and beyond to make sure we had a great experience. This was our first time running an outdoor campaign, and because of Casey, we felt confident every step of the way. Huge props to this amazing, hardworking team.”

- Larissa Frye,
Media Partnerships - Modsy

Three Mobile Billboards for Modsy parked on the waterfront by Pike Place Fish Market