Leafythings logo for their truck advertising campaign


It’s been nearly 3 years since cannabis was legalized in Canada, and since then, the industry has grown at warp speed. Of course that’s led to an explosion in the number of suppliers, brands and retailers, which can be confusing to those looking to find their way…well, through the weeds.

Enter “Leafy Things” - an online directory that helps consumers discover a wide variety of cannabis products and educational resources, as well as dispensaries and delivery services near them.

To build awareness of this useful website, a 6-week truck side ad campaign with Movia was set into motion. Eight trucks – 4 in Vancouver and 4 in Toronto – drove a humorous headline to places with a high concentration of consumers who would appreciate the clever reference to a popular marijuana strain. In total, the campaign delivered 20 million impressions, helping the company reach both recreational and medical users with a memorable message that would get their attention, and most likely, give them a giggle.

Photo of Leafythings doing a targeted Truckside Ad campaign

Movia Leafythings Truck Ads Cannabis Case Study

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

5 weeks


20+M impressions
after 5 weeks


Truck Advertising for Leafythings in downtown neighborhoods in Toronto

About Leafythings

Leafythings is an online directory where you can find cannabis dispensaries and delivery services that are close to you, as well as Canada-wide shipping options. Now recreational and medicinal cannabis users can discover products, brands, retailers, and educational cannabis resources all in one hub.