Kotn logo for their truck ads campaign


KOTN, a Certified B Corporation, is an ethically made clothing brand creating beautiful ordinary pieces designed and produced to improve your quality of life.

With plans for US expansion, they opened up a retail location in Los Angeles and came to Movia to bring awareness to the new site, using a sustainable advertising platform. The single truck, equipped with beautiful creative, generated 2.5 million impressions over five weeks in the neighbourhoods around the store. The branded trucks not only let the people know that KOTN had arrived but also gave the perception that people were ordering products all around town.

Due to Movia's tree planting efforts, the campaign also planted 100 trees, making the campaign not only carbon neutral but carbon negative, continuing the brand's positive impact at every level of production.

Truck Ads photo of Kotn carrying out a targeted OOH advertising campaign in Los Angeles.

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

5 weeks


2.5+M impressions
after 5 weeks


Los Angeles



Movia Kotn Truck Ads Case Study

Mobile Ad for Kotn travelling in Los Angeles.

About the Company

Kotn started with a simple—and in retrospect, naive—goal to create the perfect t-shirt. A shirt that didn’t compromise on quality, price, or the integrity of the people who made it. Today, we’re a certified B Corporation voted Best for the World™, with the fourth-highest B Impact Score of apparel brands in North America. With each order, we invest in the creation of jobs, infrastructure, systems, and education to alleviate poverty and create shared, sustainable growth for the communities we are part of.

The idea for Kotn was dreamt up during a hot New York summer by three friends, our Co-founders, Ben, Mackenzie, and Rami. Spurred on by the thought, Rami took a trip back to his familial home of Egypt where he found himself living in a cotton-farming community in the Nile Delta for six months. There, the first real seed of Kotn was planted.