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K9 Resort, a luxury pet hotel with 145 locations nationwide, wanted to advertise to affluent pet owners needing doggy daycare services during the holidays. They came to Movia for a 12-week campaign that focused on residential and commercial delivery routes near their retail location in Katy, TX to target pet owners while they were at home, shopping, on a walk, or working. The mobile billboard campaign was exactly what they needed to increase their exposure. With the campaign generating more than 3 million OOH impressions and another ~310,000 digital impressions, Movia made sure that affluent pet owners were seeing K9 Resort on the roads as well as on their mobile devices. This campaign successfully reminded pet owners in need of doggy daycare services that K9 Resort is the best luxury pet hotel for their furry loved ones!

Mobile Billboard for K9Resorts new location in Houston Texas

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

12 weeks


5M impressions
after 14 weeks




Movia K9 Resorts Location Launch Case Study

Contextual OOH Advertising using Mobile Billboards for K9 Resorts

About K9 Resorts

At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel, we strive to provide the best pet care experience for your dog. Their love for animals can be traced back to 1999, when our Founders and CEOs, Steven and Jason Parker, were just 14 and 12 years of age.

Steven and Jason started their own pet sitting business called K-9 Guardians Professional Pet Sitting because they loved dogs, and the thought of earning a few extra bucks at such a young age was exciting to them. Later on, the young entrepreneurs realized they wanted to make pet care their careers and, in 2005, K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel was born in Fanwood, NJ.