Johnson & Starr logo for their truck advertising campaign


Johnson and Starr helps Texas home and business owners with loans to help pay off high or past-due property taxes. To gain awareness and drive online leads and demand, they contracted 3 trucks, which drove their ads around Houston for 12 weeks. They targeted high-traffic places and residential streets, looking to reach property owners who would be potentially interested in their services. In total, 14.6 million impressions were delivered with their catchy Cowboy silhouette creative. The results were truly outstanding with post-campaign GoogleAnalyics data showcasing a 130% increase in Organic Search Click Through Rates. This resulted in a massive boost to online leads and, ultimately, new clients. When tax season comes next year the Cowboy will be back in action!

Truck Advertisement photo of Johnson & Starr carrying out a targeted OOH advertising campaign in Texas

130% increase in Organic Search Click Through Rates

Movia Johnson and Starr Mobile Billboard Case Study

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

12 weeks


16M+ impressions
after 12 weeks


Truckside Ads for  Johnson & Starr travelling in Texas.

About Johnson & Starr

Johnson & Starr offers Texas property owners fair, flexible, and easy-to-understand loans that relieve the stress of burdensome past-due property tax bills. As an Austin-based company, we take pride in serving Texas residential and commercial property owners by providing property tax loans that save homes and businesses.

“Our commitment to serving our clients is unwavering. Each of our employees has years of experience protecting Texans who need help with high property tax bills. We are proud to offer payment plans that fit the needs of our clients, competitive terms, and our one-of-a-kind ‘Life Happens’ package of loan advantages.” — Nikolaos Stavros, CEO