Howards logo for their truck advertising campaign


If you’re a retailer, how do you get the word out about a new store opening to the people who are most likely to go? Like Howards, you turn to Movia for a custom-fit solution. Howards is well known in Southern California as the place to go for appliances, TVs and mattresses. To announce their new location in Hollywood, they just needed to announce it to the people who live there. Over 5 weeks, three trucks with routes in the community brought the news to Hollywood locals, generating 7.5 million impressions. And, thanks to Movia’s retargeting technology, an additional 560 thousand impressions were delivered to this core audience. Movia drivers also became brand ambassadors, handing out pamphlets about the new location. This tailor-made solution of highly targeted outdoor, digital retargeting, and personal connections made Howards’ store launch another success story for Hollywood!

Truck Advertisement photo of Howards doing a targeted business area OOH advertising campaign

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

5 weeks + 5 week extension


15M impressions
after 10 weeks




Movia Howards Truck Advertising Case Study

Truckside Ads for Howards traveling in Hollywood

About the Company

Howards, southern California's largest and most trusted independent Retailer for Appliances, Televisions and Mattresses launched a new store in Hollywood. They came to Movia to get the word out about this new location and with just 3 trucks over 5 weeks the campaign generated 7.5 million impressions + retargeted an additional 560 thousand additional impressions to their core audience. After a successful launch, the campaign was extended an additional 5 weeks producing 15 million total impressions. Our drivers also became brand ambassadors handing out pamphlets letting people know that the store had now opened in their neighbourhood. The combination of outdoor, digital retargeting, and flyer handouts lead to Howards launching a successful new location in Hollywood!