Float logo for their truck advertising campaign


Float, a corporate card and spend management solution, aimed to boost its Canadian market presence through a national campaign. Encountering hurdles in markets like Calgary due to limited outreach avenues, it partnered with Movia for a 10-week activation. Movia's convoy of five trucks navigated targeted business districts, directly engaging decision-makers, thus amplifying Float's brand reach significantly. The drivers, transitioning into brand ambassadors, enriched interactions with business owners, disseminating informative flyers. Additionally, advanced onboard sensors enabled Float to meticulously track and evaluate the campaign's success, providing insight into the tangible impacts generated. This collaborative effort successfully enhanced Float's brand visibility and engagement in Calgary's challenging terrains.

Truckside Ads for Float in a Farmers Market Parking Lot

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

10 weeks


10M impressions
after 10 weeks





Movia Float Mobile Billboard Campaign Case Study

Truckside Ads for Float in a Calgary Parking Lot

About Float

Float is on a mission to simplify spend for companies and teams. Their corporate cards and spend management platform enable you to: - Eliminate employee reimbursements and expense reports - Seamlessly pre-approve credit card expenses through Slack or the Float app - Automatically collect receipts - Integrate with accounting software to close your books faster - Manage CAD and USD card spend in one platform And much more. Learn why thousands of Canadian businesses use and love Float to manage their business spend.