Endy logo for their mobile billboards campaign


Mattress sales are big business. It’s predicted the industry is likely to generate a revenue of over $2 billion. And as of 2020, there were 138 businesses globally who manufacture them. For Endy, that’s some tough competition.

So for the all-important fall season of 2022, and continuing up to the holidays, when being cozy in bed is on people’s minds, Endy partnered with Movia to get their brand story out there. In fact, you might say Endy is painting the city pink.

By wrapping trucks in the brand’s distinctive dark pink, and using humour in their benefit- driving headlines, Endy gained massive attention. And with 20 trucks spread throughout Toronto, generating 112 Million impressions, there’s a good chance residents will spot at least a couple.

Utilizing routes in residential and downtown areas, where online mattress sales are popular among the younger demographic, the trucks will serve to do more than get people to notice the brand. They will help bolster Endy’s reputation as an incredibly popular choice, with what will be assumed to be Endy’s own delivery trucks spotted everywhere around town

Mobile Billboards photo of Endy carrying out a targeted OOH advertising campaign in Toronto.

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

12 weeks


112M impressions
after 12 weeks





Movia Endy Mobile Billboards Case Study

Mobile Ad for Endy travelling in Toronto.

About the Company

Endy, founded in 2015 by Rajen Ruparell and Mike Gettis, continues to lead as an innovator in the eCommerce space. Since the acquisition, Endy has launched numerous new products including a duvet, weighted blanket and bed frame, while continuing to differentiate itself with its signature product, the Canadian-made Endy Mattress. Recently named Product of the Year Canada 2020 for Mattress-in-a-Box and Most Trusted Mattress-in-a-Box Brand 2021 by BrandSpark, Endy has become one of the country's most widely owned and loved mattresses in a highly competitive market, with more than 250,000 sold and an average 4.9/5-star rating based on 20,000 customer reviews. The brand exclusively operates in Canada with its eCommerce website, endy.com, as its primary point-of-sale.