Egg Farmers logo for their truck advertising campaign


Got eggs? The Egg Farmers of Ontario wants people thinking about that, and to make sure that when they buy them, they choose local. Ten trucks over 8 weeks gave props to Ontario Egg Farmers as they drove across both the Greater Toronto Area and some rural locales. With a successful 36 million impressions this summer, a campaign has been booked to…ahem, roll out…again this Fall.

Truck Advertisement photo of Egg Farmers carrying out a targeted OOH advertising campaign in Ontario

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

8 weeks


420M impressions
after 8 weeks



Truckside Ads for Egg Farmers travelling in Greater Toronto Area

About Egg Farmers of Ontario

Ontario eggs are healthy, easy to prepare, affordable and produced by local farmers. Egg Farmers of Ontario is pleased to offer you recipes, cooking techniques and tips to simplify meal preparation.

This site features information and videos about cooking with eggs and insights into the high-quality care our farmers give to deliver the eggs sold in your local grocery store.

Through consumer research we learned many of you are interested in getting to know what motivates our egg farmers in Ontario. As a result, it is our pleasure to share with you what inspires Ontario egg farmers by presenting some of the 500 farm families featured in our Real Farmers. Real Eggs. campaign. We invite you to visit each farmer, try their family recipe and find your own favourite to share with your family.