Easter Seals logo for their truck advertising campaign Bioped logo for their truck advertising campaign


Bioped Footcare’s annual Do More walk is in support of Easter Seals, a charity that helps kids with physical disabilities. To raise awareness of this walk, a year-long truck-side ad targeted people in the Greater Toronto Area who would be most likely to participate or donate. In total, 15.6 million impressions were achieved, helping to spread the word across the city about this important event and amazing work that Easter Seals does for kids and family that attend their camps.

Truck Advertisement photo of Easter Seals carrying out a targeted OOH advertising campaign in Greater Toronto Area.

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

52 weeks


16M+ impressions
after 52 weeks





Movia Easter Seals & Bioped Truckside Advertising Case Study

Truckside Ads for Easter Seals travelling in Greater Toronto Area.

About Easter Seals

In Canada, Easter Seals is a group of charitable organizations which supports the development and advancement of people who are living with different types of disabilities. Founded in 1922 by a group of Rotary Clubs, it sought to emulate the success of the American Easter Seals program. Today, Easter Seals is set up as a federated structure led by Easter Seals Canada which represents the organization's national interests, and provincially-licensed member organizations in each of the ten provinces that directly provide a range of programs and services locally. Across Canada, Easter Seals supports over 40,000 children, youth, adults and their families each year. The best-known and largest of Easter Seals services are the summer camp programs. There are 12 Easter Seals accessible camp facilities across Canada that are geared towards providing camp opportunities to over 4600 children with physical or mental disabilities, including cerebral palsy, autism, muscular dystrophy, and spina bifida.