Casper Mattress logo for their truck advertising campaign Cossette Logo for their Mobile Billboard campaign


In 2019, Casper and Cossette Media were launching two new sleep store locations in Calgary and Vancouver. So they needed to reach people wherever they might be thinking about sleep—out and about, commuting, and at home— and in two of Canada’s most expensive markets. Traditional media quickly became too costly, and that’s when they came to Movia. Our mobile marketing could bring Casper’s news everywhere that people go, with trucks that seemed to be delivering Casper mattresses all over town. With just 10 trucks in 24 weeks, Casper earned 104 million impressions at a fraction of the traditional cost, leading to two of Casper’s most successful store launches yet.

Truckside Advertisement photo of a delivery truck in a residential neighborhood making it look like Casper Mattress are being delivered

Movia Casper Truck Ads Case Study

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

26 weeks


104+M impressions
after 26 weeks


Truckside Advertisement for Casper parking in front of a mall in Calgary, Alberta

About Casper

The sleep company Casper has one big dream they’re trying to achieve for Canada, “to improve the 26 years we each spend in bed and to brighten the days in between.” After years of studying the science of sleep, Casper has engineered mattresses, pillows, and bed frames to be optimal for falling peacefully asleep. The sleep company also created a comfortable way for Canadians to buy Casper’s products and have them delivered right to Canadian’s doorstep by creating a delivery system designed to be as comfortable as their own mattresses.

About Cossette Media agency

Cossette Media agency is a Canadian creative marketing & communications agency that began its journey in Quebec City in 1972. The agency’s mission is “to creatively connect people and brands in meaningful ways.” Cossette actively accomplishes their mission by offering its roster of clients a robust full-service agency experience so that brands can easily find ways to connect with their audience, whether it’s improving upon creative or seeking out new media buys. Cossette will put your message out there and guarantee meaningful touchpoints with your target market.