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For young people, the glamorization of studying and working excessively hard, sacrificing sleep, and relying on pills to keep going, is on the uptick. One organization worried about what this is doing to students is CADE, a not-for-profit dedicated to reducing substance abuse on college campuses in Colorado.

For this campaign, CADE decided to tackle the glorification of this “hustle culture” with a rebellious message. The creative idea began with truck side ads supplied by Movia, which appear to be encouraging young people to work harder. Yet one visit to the spoof website and you’re immediately redirected to another…where the message is decidedly the opposite.

The campaign had yet another creative twist. One week after the first truck turned heads on campus routes, 2 more trucks were added, but these were covered in graffiti, calling for an end to this toxic culture.

The trucks reached college students and trusted adults in and around 7 different campuses, raising eyebrows and stirring up important conversations about the subject. Over 8 weeks, 6 million impressions were made. With more clever initiatives like these, the hope is that young people will begin to “give hustle culture the middle finger”. And frankly, we couldn’t ask for better results than that.

Mobile Billboards photo of Cade carrying out a targeted OOH advertising campaign in Tampa.

Number of
Truck Ads


Project Scope

4 weeks


8M+ impressions
after 4 weeks



Movia Cade Mobile Ads Case Study

Mobile Ads for Cade travelling in Tampa

About the Company

CADE is an organization dedicated to reducing substance abuse on college campuses in Colorado. Recently, an uptick in abuse of "study pills" like Adderall has been measured. This comes as students are seeing more messages that tell them it's socially acceptable, and even encouraged as part of a rise in "hustle culture".

Our campaign is what's called a "social norms" campaign. It's created to be a voice of the youth who are "rebelling" against hustle culture and taking a stand against the idea that study drugs are "normal" ways to get by. Ultimately, the campaign is modeled after the highly successful "Truth" campaign, which had the most dramatic anti-smoking effects on college students ever.

We're excited to be partnering with media that gets this important message out.