ALS is a crippling disease that, over time, can rob a person of the ability to walk, talk, eat, and eventually, breathe. In other words it gradually takes everything away from the person…and from their families.

This sentiment was expressed in a powerful way using what looked like moving trucks, in a drive for donations from the ALS Association of America. Working with Movia, eighteen trucks were deployed across the country, in cities from Boston to Seattle, for a nine-week period starting in November 2021. The message was refreshed for Giving Tuesday in December, with an updated red design.

Movia also helped broaden the campaign’s reach with mobile retargeting for those who saw the trucks, and fliers handed out by the truck drivers. With 57 million impressions, the emotive moving trucks were hugely successful, prompting trucks to be added in 2 more cities, and increasing impressions by another 5.2 million.

This impactful idea shows how a campaign line was made more compelling by context, and as a result, led to greater awareness and funding for this serious disease.

Mobile Billboard Ads for ALS Association at a busy downtown intersecton

Number of
mobile billboards


Project Scope

10 weeks


57.3M impressions
after 10 weeks


8 Markets

Truckside Advertisement for ALS Association in a busy intersection

About the Company

Established in 1985, The ALS Association is the only national nonprofit organization fighting ALS on every front. By leading the way in global research, providing assistance for people with ALS through a nationwide network of chapters, coordinating multidisciplinary care through certified clinical care centers, and fostering government partnerships, The Association builds hope and enhances quality of life while aggressively searching for new treatments and a cure.

As the preeminent ALS organization, The Association leads the way in research, care services, public education, and public policy — giving help and hope to those facing the disease. The Association’s nationwide network of chapters provides comprehensive patient services and support to the ALS community. The mission of The ALS Association is to discover treatments and a cure for ALS, and to serve, advocate for, and empower people affected by ALS to live their lives to the fullest.