Stand out from the crowd with Mobile 3D billboard Advertising

Traditionally, we think of billboards to be large, static outdoor advertising structures found in high-traffic areas. However, in a society that produces technological advances nearly everyday, the traditional billboard has evolved into digital billboards, and the digital billboard evolved into the 3D billboard. With 3D OOH billboards, three-dimensional effects are utilized to produce hyper-realistic visuals and capture the attention of passing audiences. These billboards can typically be found in countries with high technological expertise such as Japan, China, and South Korea. Through the use of conventional billboards, 2D images and designs have been used to present a brand’s message. Although this has been regarded as the tried and true method of advertising, 3D billboards take this to the next level, showing that there are truly no creative bounds in advertising.

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quadra ingreditents ad on back of semi truck

How 3D Advertising Works

3D advertising operates in the same way as other three-dimensional displays. It uses two images that are captured from differing perspectives which are then simultaneously displayed onto a screen. When combined and viewed by the human eye, this produces the illusion of a 3D image. By making the decision to combine content, OOH, and 3D effects, brands are able to provide audiences with a captivating experience, but they also ensure that their message is highly memorable.

Types of 3D Billboards

3D billboards can provide the viewer with an optical illusion. Like its name suggests, optical illusions in 3D advertising use specific artistic choices that trick people’s depth perception, giving off a 3D effect. These advertisements do not require the attachment of additional parts onto the billboard, making them a relatively affordable form of 3D OOH.

Unlike optical illusions, physically altered 3D billboards typically require extra attachments that are attached to the structure itself. This allows the advertisement to interact with its surrounding environment, serving as an effective form of 3D advertising.

Transparent or framed billboards provide audiences with a window to look into the advertisement. The transparent canvas of the advertisement produces a 3D effect although the shape of the billboard remains unchanged.

quadra ingredients ad on truckside advertising
quadra ingreditents ad on back of semi truck

Some notable examples of popular 3D OOH campaigns include the Fortnite x Balenciaga billboard that was displayed across New York, London, Seoul and Tokyo in 2021. To introduce Balenciaga’s merchandise into the game, these billboards pictured one of the franchise’s most popular characters, Doggo, modeling the digital attire. What’s more, these billboards utilized real-time data to track the sun’s position and time of day in order to adapt the billboard to each location.

Another 3D billboard that made headlines is the display outside of SMTown’s COEX building in South Korea. As one of the largest 3D OOH billboards in the country, at 262 by 66 feet, it is used to play brand advertisements, music videos, and digital art installations, much like the well-known Wave project that was displayed in 2020, with hopes of providing a comforting experience to bypassers.

Benefits of 3D Billboards

3D OOH offers the many benefits of traditional billboard advertising such as size, reach, and brand awareness but amplifies every single one.

Most notably, one of the main advantages of 3D billboards is their ability to provide the audience with a visual experience that is different from the rest. Among the numerous advertisements we encounter each day, 3D technology will undoubtedly capture the audience’s attention as the advertisements are quite literally jumping out at you. These dynamic advertisements are able to tell a story and communicate your brand’s message in real-time through visual effects. Regardless of who is within the vicinity, 3D advertisements will never fail to turn heads.

quadra ingredients ad on truckside advertising
quadra ingreditents ad on back of semi truck

3D billboards also can offer strong audience retention, which is essential for brand awareness. Because of the strong impressions that 3D OOH leaves on people, recall of your brand will be especially strong when consumers are searching for products.

3D billboards are undoubtedly the future of marketing. Though traditional billboards are an industry standard in marketing, the many benefits of 3D OOH billboards make them hard to ignore. With the enormous results it has brought to brands, its popularity and use will only continue to increase in the future.