Why Truck Owners Should Be Capitalizing On OOH Advertising

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As the advertising industry becomes increasingly competitive and the attention span on a global scale continues to diminish, the need for effective and captivating advertising grows. For this exact reason, companies are looking to truck owners to help them reach their audience at a more accessible rate and in a more enticing way. To the same extent that companies look to truck owners for their advertising needs, so too should truck owners be leveraging the potential advertisements they display on their trucks. Especially owing to the fact that truck owners play one of the most crucial roles in creating a proficient moving advertisement, as they quite literally drive companies’ brands forward. If you own a truck, the benefits of turning it into a moving billboard are overwhelmingly worthwhile because mobile advertising is cost effective, effortless, attractive, and creates a greater presence on the road. 

An Extra Source of Income

One of the major reasons why truck owners should be turning their trucks into mobile billboards is the additional income gained without having to change the way the vehicle is used. For years, truck drivers have been profiting off of moving what’s inside their vehicles, however it is becoming apparent that there is money to be made from what’s on the outside as well. In the interest of total utilization, the president and founder of AdverTrailer says that fleets can earn $300 to $500 per truck (or trailer) each month by turning this equipment into a ‘rolling billboard’. Feinberg, along with many truck owners, believe that it is beneficial to get the most out of a vehicle while profiting from it – which is possible with truck-side advertisements. 

Another reason why mobile advertising is beneficial for truck drivers is because those new to the career receive generally low wages. In Catherine Macmillan’s article about starting a career as a truck driver, she informs her readers of the potentially low wages that come with the job due to the lack of miles received for all of the waiting time, border crossings, and delays. This problem can be avoided by investing in mobile advertising, as the lost income from time wasted on the road can be gained back by the additional compensation from the advertisements. Overall, generating more income while at the same time satisfying the needs of the companies you advertise for is beneficial for all parties involved.

Effortless For You

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Not only is truck-side advertising a purely profitable endeavor for truck drivers, it also does not restrict or delay the driver’s routine. That’s why it is integral to pair with a company that is able to implement the advertisements quickly, accurately, and with as minimal disruption to the routine as possible. The only part of the process that takes time is the wrapping. For this reason, working with the right company to wrap your truck ensures that the process is efficient and worthwhile. 

Impactful Marketing

Image of a red 18 wheeler truck displaying an advertisement for Valensina orange juice.

Another advantage for truck owners when considering the option to use truck-side advertising is the opportunity to make a statement and create a presence. According to an independent study conducted by the American Trucking Association, a wrapped vehicle that travels in or around a major city generates more than 65,000 visual impressions per day. Furthermore, 96% of respondents said that fleet graphics have more impact than other forms of outdoor media. These statistics prove that OOH advertising makes a lasting impression on its countless viewers, thus providing truck drivers with the opportunity to promote something worthwhile on their trucks. In Feinberg’s article, he states that taking a dot-com company’s image and putting it on the side of a truck gives it a greater presence and since most things sold over the Internet are delivered by trucks, it fits in well as a way to sell an Internet company’s image. As a result of choosing and placing a brand on the side of your truck, you’re making a statement, not only about a company’s image, but also your own. That’s why it is important to promote a brand that you like, trust, and that suits you – which comes easily when working with the right company.

Looking Good

Although the most important aspect of a truck is its functionality and durability, it’s important to remember that truck owners care about the way that their truck looks on the outside as well. It is beneficial to turn your truck into a rolling billboard because, well, when paired with the right company, it simply looks good! A white truck is like a blank canvas waiting to be painted on, and when it is, the finished product can be, and should be, captivating. Furthermore, it’s imperative for truck owners to work with a brand that understands and encapsulates their needs and their vision just as much as it is important for a brand to choose a truck driver that believes in them. Brand consistency is profoundly important to any company that’s attempting to sell a product and the same is true for truck owners who always want to feel like they are part of the process.

Image of an 18 wheeler truck displaying little pink flying horses. This ad reads "Prettylittlething.com".

Upon reading various trucking threads, it becomes apparent that the main concern that truck drivers have when it comes to advertising on their trucks, is the feeling that the trucks no longer belong to them once they’re plastered with ads. Truck owners want to feel like they’re a part of the process of choosing the advertisements placed on their trucks and the process of creating unity and consistency with a brand. Again, when working with the right company, truck owners’ priorities and desires are taken into consideration, which can lead to a fantastic looking vehicle, while upholding all of the values that the owner deems significant. 

Final Thoughts

The desire for mobile advertising is continuously on the rise because, at the end of the day, it just works. Truck owners should be capitalizing on truck-side advertising because it provides additional income, it’s effortless and efficient, it makes a statement, and it looks good. Both the companies that want effective advertising and the truck drivers that are willing to advertise for those companies leverage each other’s resources.This means, truck-side advertising is a win-win situation for all!

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