Why Moving Billboards Work For Advertisers

Moving billboards, also called mobile billboards, are mighty machines designed to broadcast advertised messages to people in out-of-home settings, especially drivers on the roads. They are a form of 3D branding that pops in any given crowd, creating a recognizable face of business among consumers. This outdoor advertising medium has the power to be agile, as it’s quite literally billboards attached to moving vehicles, and flexible, as it can reroute at any given time. Advertisers looking to roll out a new product, or simply get their business in the minds of consumers, should highly consider going the mobile billboard route. This article will list the major reasons why moving billboards are a great choice for advertisers to broadcast on.


A restaurant business on the road will direct consumers towards its location naturally


Moving Billboards Steer Consumers Towards A Business Naturally

The common goal for an advertised message is to lead a plausible consumer towards a purchase decision. Moving billboards are typically very informational and directional, which work best to lead a consumer towards a place or product. Take the picture above, for example- the moving billboard is successfully showcasing the advertised restaurant’s product line while creating a bigger picture of their menu. It serves the purpose of a billboard placed in a natural environment, without the harm of interrupting someone’s schedule. Unlike radio or television ads that strive to get consumers towards saying “yes”, moving billboards actually get them while they’re already out potentially in need of a rest stop or snack. They’re on the roads to influence public people about a business in their area. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America has reported that most consumers spend 70% of their time away from their homes, so these moving billboards have the opportunity to truly target that buying collective.


Bright visual effects lead consumers towards the mobile billboard without hassle


Moving Billboards Have Strong Visual Exposure

The above example of an LED digital mobile billboard will no doubt stand out in the streets during the day or night, making the advertised message seem like a shooting star. It’s no wonder people stop in their tracks when they witness a spectacle such as this because it ultimately resembles a large scale television on two sets of wheels. Whether digital or static, moving billboards have strong visual expose in our outdoor spaces. They can always be seen from a far distance, unlike other ways of advertising. Even if you can’t read the message clearly, you can still see its presence. And that’s why plenty of moving billboards don’t necessarily rely on extraordinary or long copy; their visual is the most highlighted aspect of their advertisement. Advertisers will notice that strong color choices and visual cues will work the best when it comes to creating a successful moving billboard. Their legendary visual presence creates valuable impressions from consumers all around.


Vehicle customization and choice helps advertisers better narrow their campaign onto a suitable canvas


Moving Billboards Allow For Customization

One of the most important reasons why moving billboards work especially for advertisers is because they are easily customizable. Advertisers know that their message changes from time to time, and they want that change to present itself as quickly as possible for them. Unlike other media channels that take a longer time processing a creative change, or charging more for it, moving billboards are super flexible canvases for a different advertising approach. Mobile billboards come in different shapes and sizes, and are easily adaptable to what the advertised message and picture will fit into. The above photo shows an energy drink advertisement fitting neatly onto a smaller vehicle, which is all that’s needed for the drink to be explicit in an outdoor consumer’s face. Due to the many vehicles advertisers can choose to slap their mobile billboard onto, they are given the freedom of choice. Vinyl wrap is also easy to replace, if a design change is needed for the campaign.

Due to natural business pushes, visual cues, and customization techniques, moving billboards are an excellent medium for advertisers to put out their messages in an out-of-home space that’s usually cluttered with other campaigns. Advertisers will see how simple it is for their product messages to shine using this format, as they face more impressions under more of their control. Moving billboards are the forward-thinking option for advertisers to take advantage of as they drive sales into tomorrow.


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