Why Major Brands Use Truck Wraps

The best way to communicate a marketing message is to stand out among the crowd of advertisements preexisting your campaign. One method to do this is by using a truck wrap on a sales, service, or delivery vehicle. A vehicle with a strong wrap and graphic design layout acts as the mobile ambassador of a brand being promoting to the passersby, drivers, prospects, and consumers encountered on the road. The vehicle wrap places the brand as the main character of the overall vehicle story. Brand name, color, mascot, tagline, and offerings, must be predominantly present on the entire truck wrap, visible for anyone to see. 

According to the 3M Vehicle Wrap Study and performances in Calgary, it was found that vehicle wraps provide the lowest cost-per-impression than any other advertising medium. A simple wrap runs you around .48 cents per thousand impressions, while other advertising formats will cost significantly more. The same study found that outdoor billboards cost about $3.56 per thousand impressions, while newspaper print ads cost around $19.70 for the exact same number of impressions. A wrapped vehicle will generally garner approx. 30,000-80,000 impressions per day. 

Let’s look at when vehicle wraps work best, see what major brands use them for their marketing, and examine the particular advantages they have over the competition. 


A vehicle wrap promotes the business, service, or product as the main character on the vehicle at large


When do Vehicle Wraps Work 

The three types of goals for vehicle advertisements are marketing, sales, and organization development. The vehicle wrap’s design is the key to achieving these goals as it directly triggers and influences the viewer’s behavior to make the desired outcome happen. If the goal of the vehicle wrap is to raise brand awareness, the graphic design should emphasize the logo, brand character and its components. When it comes to driving new customer traffic, the design should feature an incentive that attracts consumer visits such as a cost leader product or promoted offer. The content and layout of the vehicle wrap should align with the goals it intends to achieve.

It’s known that vehicle wraps are one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business. The cost-per-impression can be measured as: one wrapped vehicle gaining between 10 and 100 thousand views per day. Of course, this is dependent on where the vehicle is driving through. The geographic location has a lot to do with the number of impressions a truck wrap will garner. If a Hershey’s truck wrap is driving through places like Waterloo or Pickering, the number of impressions will be lower than if it were rolling around Scarborough or Mississauga. The reach of scale is of upmost important in measuring truck wrap impressions. 


Truck wraps enhance the mood of the advertisement


Big Brands and Truck Wraps 

Brands such as Coca-Cola, Lays, and Nutella are taking advantage of the marketing opportunities that truck wraps bring to the table. They’re a surefire way to make people remember a brand already so iconic. Big brands are using truck wraps to promote new products, create seasonal campaigning, and extend their marketing performance. However, the main goal is not to raise brand awareness because many people already know of these household names. Instead, big brands are using truck wraps to continue their advertising legacy and market on wheels for people on wheels. 

Big brands are using vehicle wraps because they are a significantly cheaper way to advertise and get premium exposure. For example, Amazon’s e-commerce grocery store “Amazon Fresh” used fleet wrap advertisements in San Diego, San Francisco Bay, New Jersey, Inglewood, and Buena Park to successfully boast about their newest service at the time. Amazon harnessed 24 vans for full wraps and 55 vans for partial wraps to allow for better visibility. This outdoor advertising feat put Amazon Fresh on the map, and on roads less travelled on. 


A creative truck wrap with a back display creates buzz

A large truck wrap will interest people forgetting to buy the product, hopefully BUY the product

The marketing opportunities are available for both advertiser and trucker


These are some examples as to why big brands use vehicle wraps to keep their business afloat: 

Attention Grabbing

Colorful vehicle wraps make for an engaging audience. They’re bright, attractive, and well-designed for eyes to enjoy and mouths to recall later on. 

Reach a Wider Audience

Compared to any other form of advertising, you can reach the most consumers from truck wraps. Weekly impressions can be anywhere around 10,000-100,000 depending on location. 


Truck wrap advertising is unlike a lot of other advertising mediums because it doesn’t really interrupt a person’s activity. Truck wraps simply pass by them, instead of invade the viewer with an impeding message. Customers response better to advertising that isn’t so much in-your-face. 

Mobile Opportunity

You can unobtrusively get in the minds of potential consumers by linking a vehicle wrap with a mobile advertisement through use of digital technology and GPS/WiFi systems. This leads to mobile exposure that does double duty with the ad on the sides of the vehicle.  


This food truck wrap is immediately attention-grabbing with the color palette and the artful mascot


Cost Effective

You are in control of how long you want the ad to run for, depending on the weekly or monthly contract you sign up for. This gives the advertiser range in the longevity of the advertisement, and cuts costs significantly by being adaptable to change. A truck wrap can be replaced with a new one as often as the advertiser would like.  

Local Advertising

The targeted segment of people will see the truck wrap without a doubt. Local marketing leads to people finding out more about local business, which often advertise with truck wraps. 

Safe from Harm

Vinyl vehicle wraps help protect the vehicle from scratches or other harm done. Specialists can also remove the vinyl without affecting the paint job of the vehicle. This keeps the truck is absolute mint condition. 

Investing in a truck wrap is a great way to make your business better known. Even the big brands are taking advantage of the rewards that a truck wrap has to offer. There are practically no downsides to advertising using this medium and, as more vehicles use them, the messages have a wide range of appeal and selection. 

For more information about truck advertising wraps and how the mobile billboard business works, consult Movia Media to see how we partner with trucking companies to deliver quality advertisements to the right people. 

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