Why Does Truck Advertising Stand Out?

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It turns out that 96% of people said mobile ads are more effective than traditional outdoor advertising (OOH). Let’s face it, it seems like mobile billboards is an effective advertising media but what makes truckside ads so special? Take a chance to look at the road, you see the regular array of cars and then your eye immediately catches onto a truck with an ad on the side. It doesn't matter what type of mobile ad it is, out of the row of cars, a mobile ad sticks out among the crowd. It's just a matter of knowing how mobile ads manage to steal the limelight.

A Unique Visual on the Road

Mobile billboards have a reputation for bringing in a lot of attention. According to a survey conducted by the American Trucking Association, 98 percent of in-car audiences noticed a truckside ad. The truckside ads captivates others due to its job in turning the eyes away from ordinary on the road scenery.

Truckside ads gives something new and exciting to look at which is why they interest people. What's best is why the ad is creative. The most impactful ones are the ads that make others do a double take. This industry is an area that leaves room for creativity to grow so why not take advantage of it? I know some designers do. Since truckside ads are 3D, it gives the opportunity for designers to play with angles and create a fun and memorable image for people to remember. Just look at these ads:


If I saw this in real life, I would have to look seconds longer to figure out if those oranges in the back are real or not.


This truck looks like a loaf of bread, there's no better way of seeing the product than this. After seeing all these impactful designs, it's no wonder truckside ads manage to be an eyecatcher.

Mass Exposure

Nowadays it is easier to connect to a lot of people. In 2019 alone, there are roughly 4,383,810,342 internet users. That amount is a little more than half of the world population. With internet connecting everyone you must think that it's easier to advertise but there are challenges that prevent some ads from even being seen. The handy bodyguard, Ad-block makes it difficult to reach people. Unlike those online ads that struggle to be noticed, truckside ads aren't in the radius of ad-block. In fact, companies with truckside ads have a large audience and are growing in exposure.

Truckside ads are moving towards people, not the other way around. With an ad on wheels, it can travel to places that extend further than a traditional billboard and could travel around half a city in a day. If you think about the numbers, truckside ads give mass exposure for moving around.

Also, if you think not much people go outside these days you thought wrong. Turns out that these moving ads target two of the top OOH audiences.

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According to this graph from The Arbitron Outdoor study , truckside ads reach two of the top three trending audiences of OOH. The audiences they reach are drivers/ passengers, and pedestrian traffic.

Brand Awareness

Generates a Positive Statement

Control Over Your Campaign

This factor stands out to business owners.They like how flexible truckside campaigns are. Contracts are flexible since truckside ad campaigns can run from as little as a week and could extend to years. Not all business owners have to go big on the first try, it’s possible to run the campaign for a week for a test run and extend it even further if the results are good.

Another way that mobile billboards are flexible are by how you can geo-target the demographic. Instead of waiting for people to walk around and see your ad, might as well move around yourself. By having an ad on wheels, you can control where your ad goes and which people see it.

Worth Every Buck You’re Giving

Investing a dollar into truckside ads isn’t like throwing money in a well. By investing a dollar into truckside advertising, your wish will actually come true. That's to say if your wish is to advertise to a lot of people. For every dollar spent, you can reach up to 1000 people.

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