What is Truck Advertising and How Can It Enhance Your Campaign?

Truck Advertising has become a growing and effective tactic to reach your target exactly where they are, be it in their homes, while out shopping, or on their morning commute to work. How does it work you may ask? Well advertising on truck side is just that, having a large printing of your product or brand on the side of a hauler truck but may not match the contents that are inside the truck. These trucks are then driven around the city or town in which your target spends majority of their time in and sometimes parked in places where the product is featured as well as where consumers would frequent like a grocery store for example. This meets the end goal of the campaign of maximizing reach. 

Truck Advertising comes with a plethora of effective benefits that enhance your business and products. 

Cost Efficient

When comparing the cost per impression in respect to static billboard advertising vs truck side advertising, truck side is significantly cheaper to purchase. As a small business, truck advertising can get you to your campaign goal at a reduced price rather than spending on larger immobile billboards with uncertainty that consumers will take to your ads. This is the reason so many small businesses own or reach out to truck advertising agencies to advertise with to test the waters before diving in.

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Larger Target Reach

Truck advertisements have proven to reach a wider amount of your target as it catches the attention of those it passes by and allows the billboard to be shown across cities and towns. This is better than a static billboard that stays in one place and if not attractive enough, may be overlooked by the target while on their morning commute. Having an ad run across the city allows for you to reach your target wherever they are based on data collected on your target whereas static billboards are stationed in one spot and might not be seen as often as a moving ad would.

Creating a Positive Viewpoint

Consumers believe that companies who advertise on trucks are well off and established and so seeing your product on a truck will further influence your consumer to buy your product. This will create a positive viewpoint of your product from the consumer and increase your return on investment as a result.

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Increase in Brand Awareness and Creating Conversation

According to a blog by Adzze News, freeways and streets are used by 90% of Americans twice a month at least, therefore advertising on a truck side will increase your chances of reaching your target exactly where they are almost everyday several times a day. The consumers may also believe that the truck is containing the product or service being advertised and will create conversation within the community as they may believe it is a frequently used product or service within the area. This will increase demand of the product as a result and increase your return on investment.

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